5 Steps to Good Governance

Now we can simplify document compliance to five basic steps. Read this article for insight on managing the entire document life-cycle...

5 Steps to Good Governance
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How Self-Governing Documents Can Simplify Governance

Let’s be honest – information governance is probably not your favourite thing.

Which is exactly why it should be done efficiently and seamlessly so that employees can focus on more exciting goals -innovative, business-growing goals. Self-governing documents take the pain out of compliance. When compliance is made easier it actually happens.

There are plenty of reasons why companies avoid dealing with information governance. And plenty of good reasons why they should. Modern, centralized, cloud-based content management solutions – with self-governing documents – can make compliance more intuitive for employees, and allow for secure collaboration.

Put simply: When compliance is easier, it actually happens.

Self-governing documents help you reduce the likelihood of fines and lawsuits, by streamlining compliance regulations and GDPR Data Regulation. The process is intuitive and invisible to employees, so they can focus on their core mission: serving customers and growing your business.

These documents protect sensitive content by automatically following the intelligent policies you set. You can
customize policies with specific levels of classification, time periods for retention and deletion, rules for external sharing, legal holds and more.

“Box Governance provides a nice simple DLP
(Data Loss Prevention) solution. It allows
us to whitelist and blacklist domains which
is incredibly helpful from a collaboration
– Paul Falor, CIO,
North Highland Consulting

Can we really simplify document compliance to five steps? Yes, we can. It starts with deciding that there’s a better way. Download this eBook and simplify your process.

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