5 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged and Productive

Giving employees the right tools to do their best work can be challenging in today’s world of multiple devices and diverse work styles...

5 ways to keep employees engaged and productive
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Your company will never have a competitive advantage better than your employees. Are you making the right choices to make the most of that value, or even keep it?

Only 13% of global workers are highly motivated and satisfied with their workplace. Of those highly motivated, 88% have a greater degree of control over where and when they work (they can find private spaces to work when they need to concentrate, work comfortably with teams and make their own choices about the way they want to work). An important way to help your own employees stay motivated, satisfied and productive to work better is through the right technology.

Your employees are used to a technology for consumers that works smoothly. If they have a problem, they just download another application. But, at work, your employees need to communicate and collaborate easily and fluently, all with the same set of tools, whether they are in the office or working remotely, and they need devices that are designed to maximize the benefits of their Technology toolsets. Otherwise, they may face files that are not synchronized or inaccessible, data in isolated spaces, or applications that do not work as well on mobile devices.

Technological misfortunes like these not only frustrate employees, but also hinder their ability to collaborate, share opinions and ideas, and develop high-quality jobs.

A recent research asked about the specific impact of 16 common collaborative tools. Most of the workers surveyed cited only two (mail and instant messaging) that help them be more effective in their jobs.

This may be the reason why many employers take technology into their own hands. At least 1 in 4 employ their own mobile and cloud-based applications. But when your employees use unapproved tools, it’s practically impossible to safeguard your company’s data.

In this eBook, you will look in more detail at how to deal with the problems your employees may face with daily technology. And also how to equip them to do their best work while your data and information remain secure.

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