Aspera Direct-to-Cloud Storage

Aspera Direct-to-Cloud transport platform is a one of a kind fundamental solution for transfer of file and directory data to, from and between cloud storage.

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A fundamental solution – IBM Aspera Direct-to-Cloud transport

The Aspera Direct-to-Cloud transport platform is a one-of-a-kind fundamental solution for the transfer of file and directory data to, from and between cloud storage. Built on the FASP transport technology deeply integrated with object storage, it brings all of the characteristics of the Aspera transport platform to cloud storage: maximum speed of transfer for upload to cloud, download from cloud and inter-cloud transfers of files and directories regardless of network distance, in a single transport stream – no parallel streaming required, and support for files and directories up to the maximum size allowed by the storage platform1. Transfer rates adapt automatically to the available network bandwidth and storage bandwidth through Aspera’s patented dynamic rate control and the aggregate bandwidth of multiple transfers is precisely controllable with Aspera’s vlink technology. The platform addresses the fundamental security concerns around data in the cloud with both over-the-wire and at-rest encryption, and provides privacy in multi-tenant storage environments by authenticating all transfer and browsing operations using native storage credentials. Interrupted transfers automatically restart and resume from the point of interruption. Secure file browsing and transfer is supported with all Aspera clients, including browser, desktop, CLI and embedded / SDK modes.

Currently certified and supported platforms

As of version 3.7 of the Aspera core product online, Aspera is providing official support for the following cloud storage platforms in general release:

  • IBM Cloud
  • Amazon AWS S3
  • OpenStack Swift version 1.12 and Up
  • Microsoft Azure BLOB
  • Akamai NetStorage
  • Google Storage
  • Limelight Object Storage
  • HDFS
  • HGST
  • NetApp Object Storage

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