Top 9 Advertising Tracking Tools

Top 9 Advertising Tracking Tools
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Advertising allows a brand to connect with the customers directly. How advertising works, differs from brand to brand as each must develop a different strategy to connect with the customers and motivate them to buy/engage with their product/service.

Ad tracking is like an ‘acid test’ to know as to how effective an ad campaign has been.

Back in the days, there was no definite way of determining how many impressions an ad has received.

There was no accurate way that could be depended on, and the agencies were hardly aware of the term “Return on Investment.

The advertising industry has changed drastically ever since.

Now, advertisers have the leverage of getting their hands on various data related to their ad campaigns. Due to this, they can access and analyze the data of their previous campaigns and redesign future ads accordingly.

Some Parameters to Consider for Tracking an Ad

New site visitors

The KPI determines at what rate the brand is being recognized and how many new people is it connecting with.


The duration spent on a page is an indicator to determine how engaging it is thereby telling us the quality of pages. At this stage, the marketers try to convert the views into subscribers.

Number of conversions

These are the prospects after the campaign is run. These have to be targeted again for the conversion.

View-through conversions (VTCs)

These check how many viewers have actually clicked and converted after viewing the ads.

Attributed closed deals and new sales

This is the measure of the total number of quality deals driven by the campaign plus the new sales and customers it is bringing in.

Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

This parameter is a basic KPI to measure how effective a campaign is in bringing and converting the customer. It is calculated by dividing the total amount spent against total conversions made.

Top 9 Ad Tracking Tools

The link tracking tool tracks your landing page by adding a few tokens at the end of it, called the UTM parameters.

When a person clicks on the URL using the “source=_____” parameter, it sends the source by tracking where the user clicked.

The “campaign=_____” is used to track the link that can be bucketed after it is clicked. This tool is helpful in tracking the same ads that have been used for various websites.


Bitly is commonly used for shortening URLs. This is a free platform that tracks the links and clicks for those who have a low-cost budget. You have to dig into the record to see how your campaign is doing.

It cannot be used for split testing, but in recent days it has become more sophisticated to serve its growing base of customers better.


This tool can track conversions, leads, and advertisements as well as it provides a report for disparate campaigns.

This software is cloud-based and accommodates link shortening and split test which allows putting data for further use.

It offers you to track unlimited clicks and links for free, graphical reporting, and you can track your detailed information through this software. The only drawback of this software is you cannot perform scheduling.

The Ad trackz tracking program is free. It tracks clicks, links, and sales and reports on profits and Rate of Return (RoR). It is used for shortening or customizing the links.

Affiliate Tracking Tools

In today’s world, affiliate marketing is booming. It is one of the most common or popular means of making some extra income online.

It can be a tough task to manage an affiliate program with regular activity. A person needs to track its growth and analyze statistics to keep the extra income steady.

Adding an affiliate tracking tool to track the conversions of your affiliate channels on your website is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales and traffic for the future.


It is one of the best tracking tools with great UI and an extensive feature set. It is one of the most cost-effective solutions. Also, has the most advanced management, automation, and reporting functionality.

Fast response time, actionable insights with the help of Big Data, pivot tables, and secure partitioning, are some of the benefits of Everflow.


It is one of the most comprehensive cloud-based affiliate tracking software, which is suitable for all business sizes.

It helps to track, create, and analyze affiliate programs. This tool provides integration with social media for better exposure.

This way, affiliates can directly embed or share their branded content such as Youtube videos, or any other social media content in the form of an image, link, etc.

It is very easy to set up for an affiliation program with a user-friendly dashboard and tools.


This application is known for its low-cost delivery with unlimited affiliations and traffic.

The tools come with incredible features like you can design your payment structure, promote through videos, banners, brochures, and more. You can make reports which will track your daily activity and marketing activity.

It has built-in fraud protection tools. It also helps to track and manage the activities of your affiliates who are promoting campaigns from within your affiliate network.

Pixel Tracking Tools

A tracking pixel is like a PNG image, which is more transparent and loads when the ad is clicked on. It sends a signal back to the tracking tool that the page has been viewed.

They collect huge data about the viewer’s browser history and their configuration. It also helps to gather information as to how many users are clicking on the ad.


By inserting a 1×1 image on your webpage, Loggly can keep track of the activity on your page with the help of HTTP logs.

In case any other parameters are needed to be tracked, they can be included in the query string.

Loggly offers a variety of features; some of them include dynamic field explorer, saved searches, automatic alerts, automatic parsing of data, custom dashboards, and derived log fields.


Working mainly with Facebook, AdEspresso lets you create and track ad campaigns on multiple other channels such as Instagram or Google.

Enabling AdEspresso’s Facebook Pixel tracking, you can keep track of the performance of your campaigns by measuring the conversions to your website from your ads.

For your campaigns with links to external URL, Facebook Pixel Tracking options are available, which helps track all campaigns except page likes, place, and app campaigns.

With AdEspresso, you can track one event or an entire funnel of conversions for each multiple campaigns.


Trackier is another tool that implements tracking pixels. Trackier allows you to implement tracking pixels in 3 ways, namely Image, Iframe, and JavaScript.

All three serve the same purpose but have different technologies behind each.

Real-time data, reporting, automatic and instant notifications to publishers, customization of the dashboard, etc. are some of the features of Trackier.

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