Top 10 Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

Cloud Workload Protection Platforms
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Cloud workload is the distinct capacity that we put under a virtual server instance in a cloud computing environment.

Cloud workload protection platforms manage critical workload security across different cloud environments.

Public cloud service demands are ever-increasing. For the most part, the majority of platforms protect their own infrastructure.

Apart from this shared responsibility of their service framework, other cloud data threats go unnoticed. It is equally necessary to have firm control of sensitive data security and compliance audit.

It is thus vital to understand the platforms that provide optimal cloud protection.

Top 10 Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

While choosing an optimal cloud protection workload platform (CWPP), it’s essential to look into the extent of their cloud-native security and compliance management services.

Here is a list of some of the best platforms for your cloud workload security services:


Microsoft Azure Security Center provides 360-degree visibility of database usage in the cloud. The software has a simple layout and is easy to use.

The dashboard gives you enough directions to start with. It provides clarity with advanced network threat detection services. It has:

  • Adaptive application controls
  • Easier workflows
  • Instant response time
  • JIT VM Access
  • Quick alert notifications


Bitdefender Cloud Security provides proper management of your database, user, and agent rollout. It is a lightweight platform with robust hypervisor control capabilities for hybrid clouds.

With easy setup, Bitdefender builds one of the most secure environments for all endpoints.

It gives you maximum control over the widely modifiable layers of security on every system. It also provides;

  • Bulk rollout mechanism
  • Context-sensitive help
  • The custom-tunable machine learning engine
  • Filters out the spam and unsolicited emails


Illumio’s Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) improves your datacenter and cloud security.

It detects any lateral movement in your datacenter and provides proper vulnerability exposure insights.

It enables you to use pre-existing enforcement points in your infrastructure for better workload protection. Its key features include:

  • Instant segmentation templates
  • Quick and optimal segmentation policies
  • Real-time vulnerability maps
  • Search and analyze historical records of traffic between workloads.


Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security provides Next Gen protection against malware and cyber-attacks.

It is an agile cloud workload protection platform and covers any complex, dynamic hybrid environment.

It protects the organization’s physical machines and virtualized workloads, on-premise, in a data center, or a public cloud.

Kaspersky supports your regulatory compliance initiatives and supports a large-scale environment.

It has high level of integration capabilities that offer high flexibility and agility. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security also provides;

  • Logs Inspection (LI)
  • Web AV, Mail AV, anti-spam and anti-phishing
  • Anti-Cryptor for shared folders
  • File Integrity Monitor (FIM)


Lacework provides quick deep visibility and analysis for container and cloud workloads.

It uses machine learning analysis to detect threats and vulnerabilities in systems.

Lacework delivers contextual data on cloud events with every update, issue, and configuration change. It is an automated workload intrusion detection solution and requires no rule-writing.

It has simple operations and maintenance rules. Lacework’s workload security provides support to public clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP. Along with that it also supports computer hosts and containers.


McAfee Cloud Workload Security is a highly popular and widely used hybrid cloud visibility and protection solution for Workload Security.

McAfee platform is a safe, fast, and simple workload solution from on-premises to any cloud environment.

Its straightforward and multilayer protection safeguards workload environments from advanced malware and intrusion.

McAfee Cloud Workload Security’s main features include;

  • Cloud and DevOps Integration
  • Cloud-native Network Control
  • Direct Integration with Cloud Providers
  • Discovery and Deployment Automation

Orca Security

Orca security gives workload-level security into AWS, Azure, and Google cloud platform without agents. The security alert notifications are controlled to the critical few that actually matter.

It is an easy to install and agentless workload protection software. It also provides;

  • Deep and workload-level visibility.
  • Ease of compliance.
  • Open APIs
  • Quick risk notification.
  • Scans the entire cloud estate including cloud configuration and operating systems


Symantec Cloud Workload Protection is a well-known platform that delivers excellent security automation services for public cloud workloads, enabling risk control and cut costs for businesses.

It offers transparency and security of Docker containers too. The policies are easy to set up and comes with scheduled and real-time scan capabilities.

The workload security solution discovers, protects, and monitors workloads running on multiple cloud platforms such as

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • (Microsoft) Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Hybrid Cloud

Some of the main features of Symantec Cloud Workload Protection also include;

  • Application isolation
  • Proper IPS policies
  • OS hardening
  • Rapid discovery
  • Real-time antimalware scanning
  • Real-time file integrity monitoring
  • Visual topology map of all workloads and servers

Trend Micro Deep Security

Trend Micro Deep Security applies a cross-generational set of security controls to deliver maximum cloud workload protection.

It offers an advanced set of functions on behavioral analysis, application control, and sandbox analysis.

Trend Micro Deep Security platform leverages IPS and application control to enable context-based proactive protection and access the latest threat information. Its core functions include;

  • Instance-based protection
  • Prevent unauthorized software changes with deep security
  • Regularly updated compliance
  • Sophisticated anti-malware, application control, and IPS capabilities
  • Virtual patch ability whenever necessary

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VMware has a compact and easy to use cloud workload protection solution. VMware AppDefense protects sensitive company data in transit and executes workload-to-workload encryption.

The platform offers control over individual workloads and workloads configuration to handle any vulnerabilities.

VMware Workload Protection improves business process agility and decision making with its up-to-date threat intelligence solution. Its features include;

  • 360 Visibility into every workload
  • Extensive configuration capabilities
  • Isolate controls from the attack surface
  • Operational simplicity

Apart from these top 10, below are some other significant platforms that qualify as an excellent cloud workload protection services.

  1. CloudGuard IaaS
  2. IBM® Cloud Security
  3. InsightVM (Nexpose)
  4. Qualys
  5. Threat Stack

It would be wiser to consider a cloud workload protection platform before it’s too late for even a recovery.

Your cloud service provider may or may not cover the overall cloud workload security. Different cloud service models include distinctive security functions.

Some may offer additional services and premium tools, software, and policies to unlock further workload protection services.

Strengthen your data security and control over the cloud for a 360-degree defense against internal risks and cyber-attacks by opting for an appropriate cloud workload security service.

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