What is Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)?

What is Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)?
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Many a time, we find teams are struggling to accomplish incident response. Lack of incident response leads to your organization at risk. All the SIEM tools are endowed with security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities. That is designed to streamline security investigation.

One can overcome the endless manual task list plus become more productive with the help of SOAR. This is achieved by automating workflows and advancing threat qualification, investigation, and response.

SOAR helps your team function more efficiently. It improves technologist’s job satisfaction and increases business ROI.

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) is a technology stack of compatible software applications. It allows a firm or a business to gather information.

This data is about security threats and respond to any low or mid-level security alerts without human help.

What is SOAR?

SOAR is constructed to help security teams manage and acknowledge the never-ending alarms at an incredible speed.

SOAR program takes security one step further by uniting:

  • comprehensive data gathering
  • use-case administration
  • data uniformity
  • frameworks, and analytics

All this provides businesses the potential to install modern cybersecurity & defense capabilities.

Here’s how:

  • Various SOAR solutions gather cybersecurity information from every module integrated into the platform. Later it sets them in one location for further investigation.
  • The use-cases management approach enables customers to research and execute relevant analyses from a single use-case.
  • SOAR establishes modular integration to assist highly automated and complex incident response workflows by delivering results more quickly and facilitating an ML-enabled adaptive defense.
  • SOAR solutions include many articles in response to each specific threat. Each step in an article can be automated or set up for manual execution directly.
  • Article response can install these steps within the SOAR program. It also includes integration with third-party products.

SOAR incorporates all the tools, systems, and applications within a business’s security toolset. Then it enables the SecOps team to setup event response workflows.

SOAR’s main advantage to a SOC is that it automizes and orchestrates long, manual tasks. Including launching tickets in a project management system, such as Atlassian.

It works well without needing any human intervention, allowing IT technologists, developers, and analysts to use their specialized skills for the intended work.

SOAR Tools and Vendors

Tools and solutions that currently promote their ability to provide SOAR capabilities include:


If your team is deficient in a centralized place to collaborate, streamline and research through prior investigations incidents may slip through the cracks.

SOAR’s ability makes it simple for one’s team to create and track, diagnose, rectify and recover during an investigation with Case Management.

With the help of cybersecurity orchestration abilities. Your team will be able to unify all related case management in LogRhythm’s evidence-locker repository. Along with final undertaking and quicker access in the future.


Rapid7 helps reduce risk in your entire networking environment so your business can focus on what matters most.

Rapid7 has solutions and guidance for you whether:

  • one needs to take care of vulnerabilities
  • track for malicious intent
  • examine and put off attacks
  • setting up operations


Demisto is a SOAR solution that combines incident management, cybersecurity automation, and orchestration.

With real-time collaboration, the productivity of your security operations and incident response increases.

The Demisto mobile application on Cortex™ provides:

  • An automated alert system.
  • Real-time implementation of response actions within Demisto.
  • A security tech stack activation via task-based articles.


To be prepared for an attack, your SOC team must constantly get basic skills as individuals or professionals.

Then study and apply these skills in the SOAR platform, collaborating as a team in real-world scenarios.

Cyberbit is one of the few SOAR platforms that cater to the entire cyber upskilling spectrum. It has, by request, clear learning paths, certify your team’s performance and progress along the way.


IBM Security Resilient is IBM’s Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solution. It is designed to help the cybersecurity team respond to cyber-threats with confidence. Along with automating remedial tasks with intelligence, and collaborate with consistency.

IBM SOAR captures and programs the established incident response code into dynamic code snippets. This enables one to lead and empower the team with knowledge to resolve incidents.

It helps your team upgrade, automate and orchestrate their response by setting up actions with intelligence. Along with integrating various modules with other security tools.


D3 is the only leading SOAR vendor that a more prominent technology firm doesn’t own. This enables D3 to integrate with any other security tools that the customer uses without any discord of interest.

D3 has pre-existing 260+ integrations. This enables users to drag & drop any dashboard actions with no Python coding required. Even when reconfiguring or replacing integrations modules one doesn’t need prior coding experience.

Many security experts and industry insiders constantly rank D3 SOAR as one of the world’s best security automation platforms. It is also touted to be the most innovative incident response solution.

How can SOAR help your business?

Many organizations face several challenges when it comes to improving their security goals.

Finding talent is time-consuming, and once you find the right fit, you want them to focus on the most impactful work. You don’t want these talented freshers to get tied down in manual, recurring, time-intensive tasks.

There are chances that the firm already uses technology that many teams need to work together on. Yet the various modules don’t always integrate well.

That’s where security orchestration and automation come in. With a highly effective SOAR platform, it’s possible to gain more in less time while still having humans for decision-making when it’s most crucial.

One needs to move beyond relying on point-to-point integrations for your tech stack. Instead, rely on a platform that authorizes you to build various processes. Especially, where it connects you with the right people and technology to achieve your goals.

Important SOAR Features

The three most important capabilities of SOAR technologies are:

Threat and vulnerability management system:

These technologies support the recovery and improvement of vulnerabilities in the system. They provide streamlined workflow, reporting, and collaboration capabilities.

Alerting and incident response:

These computing powers support how a business plan, manages, monitors, and diagnoses and find a remedial response to a security incident.

Security operations(SOC) automation:

These technologies support the automation and orchestration of workflows, procedures, regulations & policy execution, and reporting.


SOAR is a technology stack of many compatible software programs that enables businesses and companies to collect data about security threats vulnerabilities. Along with reacting to low-level security events without human help.

IT technologists or Cybersecurity professionals can collect information about these threats from many sources, and the SOAR system helps resolve them.

Through this blog, we could identify the primary goal of using a SOAR stack is to improve the efficiency of physical and digital security operations.

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