Breaking Down Silos: Accelerate Your Business’ Growth

Truly breaking down silos means dismantling old systems, introducing entirely new ways of working, and wholly transforming the company...

Breaking Down Silos- How Collaboration Can Accelerate Your Business' Growth
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In today’s fast-changing world, digital disruptions and industry innovations are constantly changing the landscape. That’s why businesses have to be agile enough to quickly transform their organisations in order to outpace their competitors. But there is a hindrance to such agility: silos. This is one term which has not disappeared over the years.

At some point, you are going to be required to work with other departments. It could need support, resources or input from other departments. Or they might need your assistance for something or the other. However, working with other departments is far from simple. They might have other priorities or different processes. It might not always be the reluctance to share their knowledge and expertise with you. This can lead to miscommunication from both ends.

However, the symptoms of silos are often poor communication or misunderstanding or lack of awareness rather than the unwillingness to cooperate.

True transformation requires dramatic changes across an entire organisation.

Silos, by definition, create barriers between company divisions, hampering collaboration, communication and ultimately derailing any chance of success. It reduces the efficiency in the overall operation of any organisation, reduces morale and contributes to the demise of a productive organisational culture.

Breaking down silos is good for business – that much is clear. But the practice of breaking down is fraught with challenges, and many companies fail in the attempt. It is not an easy task, however, ignoring these issues will eventually lead to the decreasing health of the organisation as a whole.

Truly breaking down silos means dismantling old systems, introducing entirely new ways of working, and wholly transforming the company culture from top to bottom. What businesses stand to gain, however, will ensure the immense effort is worthwhile.

In this ebook, we explore various methods of breaking down silos, including what challenges can arise from these methods, and how to overcome those challenges.

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