Build your Marketing Ecosystem and Drive Agility

we provide a list of questions that you need to ask of any potential marketing technology solution provider.

Build your marketing ecosystem and Drive Agility
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Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Since marketers love a good start, try this one on for size: 2567%. No, that’s not a typo and in fact, the percentage should technically be even higher.

This astronomical percentage represents the unprecedented, unbelievable, unimaginable increase in the number of technology vendors from 2011 until now. Let that sink in for a second. In only five years the amount of vendors offering a marketing technology solution of any kind has increased 2567%.

The number comes courtesy of the man who has become something of a folk hero in the MarTech space, Scott Brinker. Back in 2011, Scott decided to create a chart to illustrate the number of technology vendors and their offerings or solutions. Back then there were only 150 of these kinds of vendors, so the chart was fairly easy to put together.

Today there are more than 4,000-hence the colossal percentage increase.

As to why we don’t know what the exact number is, quite honestly, the man himself who tracks them is not even sure.

And if you think marketing was the last area to benefit from a tech boom, you would be right according to Brian Hansford, Director of Client Services for Heinz Marketing.

“Marketing departments were the last to get any sort of strategic technology platforms,” says Hansford. “Finance, sales, manufacturing, distribution, and HR functions all benefited from technologies that helped streamline how they operated and provided analytic insights. Thanks to the innovations throughout the MarTech landscape, marketers now have tools that help them better engage with customers and measure the results.”

“In this guide-in addition to an exclusive Q&A with Scott Brinker-we delve into specific areas of marketing that are most impacted by technology solutions and marketing platforms.

And we provide a list of questions that you need to ask of any potential marketing technology solution provider.

At the end of the day, successful Modern Marketing requires the use of innovative technology. The problem is there are so many new options-and more arriving daily-that identifying the right ones and getting them to work together is not easy. Modern Marketers need to spend more time innovating and less time integrating. That’s why an open platform that offers pre-integrated apps is essential to success.

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