Solution Checklist for Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Welcome to the ECM Checklist - your complete guide to finding the right Enterprise Content Management for your business.

Solution Checklist for Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
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You know why you’re here.

Staff are dealing with paper-based approvals and workflows, just because “that’s the way it’s always been done” which has now become tiresome. Now, filing cabinets are overflowing, or your online and offline files are just too hard to find.

Think about document management at your organisation.

Are employees:

  • Inputting data manually?
  • Storing files in multiple locations, both physically and digitally?
  • Spending time searching for the information they need?
  • Physically walking documents from one part of the office to another in order to activate the next part of the workflow, such as, for example, getting an authorizing signature?
  • Double-handling documents?

While each of these activities might not take up much time individually, collectively and spread across the business, this quickly adds up to hundreds of hours that could otherwise have been spent on revenue-generating activities.

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution can work to streamline document workflows, because it:

  • Eliminates the need to manually input data;
  • Stores and tags all documents stored in a central location, avoiding needless duplication;
  • Has a simple yet powerful search function so users can quickly find the information they need; and,
  • Digitizes and automates businesses processes, thereby optimizing workflows, eliminating double-handling and physical transport requirements.

How to find the right Enterprise Content Management for your needs

An ECM isn’t a system that you can choose on the fly – it will affect the way of managing the documents right across your organisation, so it’s going change the way people work.

This is why, before you start going to the market to look for an Enterprise Content Management, you should understand what this involves.

Welcome to the ECM Checklist – your complete guide to finding the right Enterprise Content Management for your business.

Read on to discover how to:

  • Define your organisation’s needs
  • Discover what other, similar businesses are using
  • Review online sources to assess fit and quality of available solutions
  • Prepare thoroughly for product demonstrations, leaving no stone unturned
  • Shortlist and compare your vendors’ functionality accurately

Provide the right information to get accurate quotes so you can make your final business decision.

Download the full resource and we hope you find this checklist helpful.

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