Context is Everything – The AI Gold Rush

How the pursuit of relevance and personalisation has sparked an AI Gold Rush. Businesses should be looking at their data, the digital channels available...

Context is Everything - The AI Gold Rush
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Conquering the fear of irrelevance

It is said that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and nowhere is this more true than when trying to create relevant relationships with consumers. Basing a relationship on a single data point – the last purchase somebody made, the last film they downloaded, the last journey they took – tells us remarkably little about that consumer and what they might want to do next.

Instead, brands need to be analysing the entirety of their customer data. They should be taking advantage of technologies such as AI to dig deeper and unearth relationships, context and insights within that data.

In a dynamic business world shaken up by digital disruption and dramatic shifts in consumer behaviour, staying relevant is essential.

What’s more, relevance is something brands must prove continuously. Consumers have more choice than ever as to how and where they shop, which brands they do business with and how they engage. Brands need to be proactive in targeting consumers with relevant communication and experiences – getting it wrong can be as potentially damaging as doing nothing at all if customers feel the brand is out of step with their needs.

How the pursuit of relevance and personalisation has sparked an AI Gold Rush.

Businesses should be looking at their data, the digital channels available to them, the possibilities within AI and machine learning, and the appetite among consumers for personalised products and services – seeing all of this as an opportunity to embed relevance into their business models today.

Complete digital transformation is a journey with a North Star that guides us and also continuously moves as technology advances. By seizing the day and acting in the now, businesses will have begun the journey toward more personalised and more relevant experiences for customers.

Garrett Ilg President,
Adobe EMEA

About this Report:

This report is created to help brands understand how they can stay relevant and get closer to their customers by looking within their data. We look at the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to help brands find relationships within their data and uncover richer insights that would evade human analysis and we consider the important relationship between increased data analytics and compliance. Also, we will look at what all this means for skills. Furthermore, will hear from some Adobe customers on how they are addressing the issue of relevance and personalisation.

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