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Getting Started with 3rd-party Demand-Generation

3rd-party demand-generation can be difficult. B2B marketing teams are growingly responsible for generating pipeline and revenue...

Getting Started with 3rd-party Demand Generation
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What is 3rd-Party Demand-Generation?

We define 3rd-party demand-generation as any B2B marketing program that’s initiated by a 3rd-party channel or source, rather than via your own website, landing pages or social profiles. Some of the most common are:

  • Content syndication – Distributing your content (typically branded) to target audiences via 3rd-party sites and purchasing leads on a cost-per-lead (CPL) basis.
  • High-quality lead (HQL) campaigns – Buying leads (often generated via content syndication campaigns) that have been further qualified by a 3rd-party service.
  • External webinars – Sponsoring webinars on 3rd-party sites to acquire leads on a CPL basis.
  • Shared-lead campaigns – Running lead gen campaigns with partner brands/channels (where leads are captured on 3rd-party landing pages).
  • Product- or service-review sites – Buying leads on a CPL basis from sites that capture contact info from individuals researching relevant products and/or services.

For any of these channels to work, you must put much thought and effort into a range of activities that aren’t always applicable to inbound efforts, such as:

  • Selecting the right sources/partners
  • Aggregating, processing, cleaning and routing contact data
  • Developing precise nurture tracks to convert 3rd-party generated contacts
  • Adopting technologies to create needed efficiencies
  • Tracking and managing lead pacing

If you’d like to dive deeper into how best to develop an effective 3rd-party demand gen strategy, download the ebook “Getting Started with 3rd-Party Demand Generation.”
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