Information Governance Protect Your Company’s Information Assets

Whether your organization’s assets or information is stored in a corporate data center, a third-party data center, or a combination of the two, it must be governed. Information is, arguably, an organization’s most important asset...

Information Governance Protect Your Company's Information Assets
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What is Information Governance (IG)?

“Information Governance is all the rules, regulations, legislation, standards, and policies with which organizations need to comply when they create, share, and use information. Governance is mandated internally and externally.”

Anytime you work with information there are regulatory requirements, laws, and company policies that dictate:

  • Who can see & use the information;
  • How long information must be kept;
  • What information must be disclosed in legal proceedings;
  • Where information can be stored

Information Governance can be thought of as constraints that impose what you can and cannot do with information; kind of like the highway code says what you can and cannot do with your car. However, these constraints should not be thought of as layers of bureaucracy intended to make working with information more cumbersome. Information Governance, if properly implemented, actually makes it easier, more cost-effective, and more efficient to work with information while also mitigating information related risks.

Whether your organization’s assets or information is stored in a corporate data center, a third party data center, or a combination of the two, it must be governed. Information is, arguably, an organization’s most important asset. If not governed properly, information is subject to misuse, loss, and mismanagement, resulting in poor organizational performance. Poorly governed or ungoverned information could also lead to adverse consequences in legal proceedings.

“The transition from on-premises to cloud for many organizations is underway. Some are straddling both worlds while others are only testing the waters. The last thing many cloud vendors think about is compliance. I applaud Box for their current compliance offering and encourage them to continue down this important path required by all enterprise clients.” – Rick Stirling – President, Western Information Management & Founder, Information Governance (IG) Community.

Download this whitepaper to learn what is information governance and how it can protect your company.

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