KuppingerCole Report- LEADERSHIP COMPASS

The Leadership Compass for Identity Provisioning is an analyst report that provides an overview of the major vendors in this space and their product features and functionality.

KuppingerCole Report- LEADERSHIP COMPASS
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The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass provides an overview of vendors and their product or service offerings in a certain market segment. This Leadership compass focuses on the market segment of Identity Provisioning. While there are many vendors that have integrated offerings, combining AG (Access Governance) and Identity Provisioning into what today frequently is named IGA (Identity Governance and Administration). Others continue offering separate products for the two areas of IGA or cover only one of the two.

More importantly, still many customers are looking either for an Identity Provisioning solution with only baseline AG capabilities or they focus on AG.

The latter can be the case if they already have Identity Provisioning in place or when their starting point is Access Governance.

Some of the scenarios we observe in the market are based on service infrastructures, where AG is run by the organization itself, while fulfilment through Identity Provisioning is a managed service. Reality is that there are various scenarios and many customers that either only need Identity Provisioning or AG, but not a combined solution.

Therefore, we decided to create three distinct Leadership Compass documents in that area:

 LC Identity Provisioning

This Leadership Compass focuses on solutions with strong support for Identity Provisioning. We expect some baseline Access Governance capabilities. However, we also look at complete IGA offerings if they have strong Identity Provisioning support.

LC Access Governance

Here, the focus is on AG capabilities, with only the required integration into Identity Provisioning tools. Again, we also look at complete IGA offerings if they have strong AG capabilities.

 LC Identity Governance and Administration

The third Leadership Compass focuses on offerings that are strong in both their Identity Provisioning and their AG capabilities. This includes single product offerings, but also offerings that are combinations of separate offerings from the same vendor and, in combination, deliver strong IGA capabilities.

Two other Leadership Compass documents complement these three LCs. One focuses on comprehensive IAM suites, which add further capabilities such as Privilege Management, Enterprise SSO, Identity Federation and WAM to IGA in integrated offerings. Another focuses on IGA for SMBs (small and medium businesses), having different IGA solutions requirements than large organizations commonly have.

With the various LCs, we provide customers with the information they need to select vendors based on their use cases. Whether these are IGA-driven, provisioning-driven, or e.g. focused on one comprehensive, integrated IAM suite

The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Identity Provisioning is an analyst report. It provides an overview of the major vendors in this space and their product features and functionality.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the key capabilities required for identity provisioning. It furthermore evaluates each solution in the areas of security, functionality, integration, interoperability and usability. Micro Focus Identity Governance & Administration solution has been recognized as an overall leader by KuppingerCole.

Any organization evaluating identity provisioning solutions would benefit from reviewing this detailed report.

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