Mainframe DevOps: A Quick Start Guide

A successful DevOps strategy will span the entire delivery lifecycle. Its goal will vary depending on what the customer is looking for.

Mainframe DevOps: A Quick Start Guide
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Successful Mainframe DevOps does not exclusively belong to any particular business profile or development model. Every organization can meet specific business drivers with incremental, percentage improvements. Delivering new services via mobile and web? Streamlining processes to gain new market share or scale geographically? Improving mainframe efficiency and quality to boost profit margins? Priorities might look different, but all are achievable.

How can parallel development, continuous integration and delivery, early and frequent testing—born in the distributed computing world and based on Agile development practices––transfer to the mainframe world, and applications not designed with DevOps in mind? Because success is imperative. The business needs the whole of IT, not just some of it, to deliver faster, together, to meet evolving customer demands and maintain a competitive edge.

A successful strategy will span the entire delivery lifecycle, from concept to customer. Its goal will vary depending on what the customer is looking for–perhaps improving time to market or quality, achieving feedback through process automation or continuous integration and delivery. For mainframe shops aspiring to deliver innovations faster, DevOps promises the greater levels of efficiency, collaboration and flexibility needed to meet rapidly evolving business needs.

The ebook is a comprehensive guide to Mainframe DevOps.


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