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Meeting the Demands of the Latest Food Trends

Meeting the Demands of the Latest Food Trends
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Consumers seeking healthier options for foods and beverages are becoming savvy about product-label claims. Many are no longer satisfied with labels like “healthy” or “all- natural” — they want to know about the fiber quality and the prebiotic content.

Enter the world of organic inulin, a prebiotic fiber found in numerous fruits and vegetables. Inulin is steadily gaining popularity among a range of health-conscious consumers. Breakfast cereals, for example, can take advantage of inulin’s positive label claims. To boost sales, brands are using inulin to offer digestive-wellness benefits and low-sugar promises — two of the biggest consumer trends. In this playbook, learn about:

  • The adaptability of using organic inulin
  • The health benefits of using this healthier food option
  • The future of organic inulin

Custom content for Intrinsic Organics by Food Dive’s Brand Studio

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