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Understand what the landscape for accountants looks like today and will look like tomorrow, offering practical advice on how today’s accountants can continue to thrive in The Practice of Now

The Practice Of Now Report
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Insight and Practical Advice for Today’s Accountants Based on the Latest Independent Research right Now

Like many industries today, the accounting landscape has changed significantly as modernization has required.

From its early inception, when primitive counting methods were used to record the growth of crops and herds, accountants continued to evolve with the craft to offer clients a record of their earnings and expenses.

Now the purpose is the same, but the tools are far more advanced.

But what’s next?

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are fueling automation industries, including accounting. While some believe AI will take over IT jobs, others see a great opportunity to create new roles. The one thing that we can all agree on is that change is happening, and happening fast.

Accounting with robots

This may sound like the premise for a summer sci-fi thriller, but the fear of robots replacing human jobs isn’t a new one. Many companies, particularly large businesses, are already using robots to perform repetitive tasks like bagging groceries in warehouse assembly lines, and computer-based cashiers to take orders at fast-food restaurants.
Accounting is one of the traditional sectors next in line for an automation upgrade. This means practice owners will have more options to automate some of their basic accounting tasks- freeing them up to focus on their customers.

Kriti Sharma, VP of Bots and AI at Sage, knows firsthand how automation is impacting the professional world. Sharma has dedicated her working life to innovating in the AI sector and has recently created Pegg, an accounting chatbot that businesses can use to manage their money more efficiently.

This guide brings you insight and practical advice based on the latest independent research right now, including stats and opinions from fellow accountants on topics such as:

See what your fellow accountants think about the industry and ensure you are prepared to continue running a successful practice now and into the future with our exclusive report.

  • Cloud adoption – How practices are moving to the cloud and why
  • Automation and bots – What opportunities does automation afford you
  • Security – How best to handle client data and the cloud security advantage
  • Future gazing – How is the profession changing and what is needed to stay relevant

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