Process Mining – Your Ticket to Shared Service Organisation Transformation

Transformation and disruption are the new normal for businesses and shared service organisation (SSOs). Uncertainty in global markets and a...

Process Mining - Ticket to Shared Service Organisation Transformation
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The scope of the transformation challenge ahead for shared service organisation

Transformation and disruption are the new normal for businesses and shared service organisation (SSOs). Uncertainty in global markets and a proliferation of new digital tools are causing businesses to look inward for new revenue and improved margin. Tasked with stripping out cost, streamlining processes and becoming ever more efficient, shared service organisation are without doubt front and center with this new business objective.

The good news is that there are huge opportunities for businesses who get it right to gain significant competitive advantage. As processes become more digitized and automated, they become faster and much more efficient. Your teams are freed from the shackles of monotonous tasks and available to add value to other projects. And, you can unlock hidden margin previously obscured from vision as you illuminate the darker corners of your workflows to find potential improvements.

As enterprises become increasingly complex and work flows between departments, teams, employees, external suppliers and differing systems and applications, knowing where to begin any transformation project is hard.

Finding ways to strip out costs while continuing to improve the efficiency of the business feels like a zerosum equation with no obvious start or end. Where do you invest? Where do you cut back?

This ebook will help you identify and overcome some of the biggest challenges to your transformation objectives and give you a framework to pinpoint your most significant opportunities. It will give you the advice you need to help engage your teams, bringing them along with you as you identify quick wins that build momentum, and you make improvements to their working lives. But most of all, it will give you the basis of building an SSO on the foundations of process mining, enabling you to lead successful transformation projects now, and well into the future.

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