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Reducing Costs and Complexity With Network Security Consolidation

More network security products can bestow a false sense of security since the complexity of many point products can reduce visibility

Reducing Costs and Complexity With Network Security Consolidation
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Business Problem

To improve efficiency and increase client satisfaction, governments continue to adopt digital technologies that modernize their processes and better serve citizens. Every expansion into new digital technologies (remote employee access, client self-service, Wi-Fi, SaaS, cloud, IoT and more) also introduces vulnerabilities and points where the network can be infiltrated.


Use Case
Reduce network security costs and complexity by consolidating multiple security point products into one platform.

Business Benefits
Reduce the overhead associated with purchasing, deploying, operating and managing a plethora of security products, each designed to do a small range of things.

In addition, as governments collect and store more valuable data digitally, they become attractive targets for cyber-attackers seeking to spy or profit. The result is a cybersecurity arms race in which new security products counters new attack vectors.

This comes at a significant cost to governments.

Every new solution that helps secure endpoints, SaaS, remote access, or other network areas and functions also adds complexity and cost. More network security products can bestow a false sense of security, since the complexity of many point products can reduce visibility, instead of improving security, for network and its endpoints.

Security Benefits
Automatically correlate threat insights across the organization, and swiftly update threat prevention to every platform deployment regardless of location – endpoint, network or cloud.

Solutions often add new hardware, which increases Capex costs. Individual solutions are also individually managed, increasing operational overhead and straining under-resourced security teams. Finally, these solutions function in isolation. That makes it impossible to leverage insights from the others, speed threat prevention or achieve an integrated view of an organization’s security posture.

Business Drivers

Consolidation of network security into fewer devices is being driven by several factors. But underlying all of them is the desire to use security resources efficiently. Particularly since the demand for cybersecurity professionals outstrips supply. High-profile data breaches have elevated the importance of cybersecurity in senior government positions. Government data breaches often involve the loss of valuable personal information or highly confidential data that has national security value.

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