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As the cloud continues its march into the business and as hyper-converged infrastructure continues its inroads into the datacenter, it’s important to...

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What’s really happening in the datacenter, the cloud, and IT in general? Evolution and revolution alike. As the cloud continues its march into the business and as hyper-converged infrastructure continues its inroads into the datacenter, it’s natural — and important — to understand how people feel about these technologies and the impact that they’re really having.

Moreover, as IT continues its inevitable journey into the future, there are questions about which tools and services will come to the top of the stack and which will lose favour.

Overarching Findings

The overarching findings generally support our hypotheses with a number of key themes:

  • Organizations that adopted hyper-convergence do tend to have staff that works less overtime and increased levels of efficiency. There is a clear, if not overwhelming, correlation here.
  • The private cloud remains the preferred choice for all workloads. This is not to say that the public cloud is not being used. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, at present, respondents are more comfortable with the private cloud.
  • Tier 1 traditional database vendors should be on the lookout for upstarts nipping at their heels. We’re seeing signs that traditional vendors may not be as comfortable in the future as they are today.

Through its engagement with ActualTech Media, Nutanix had a number of questions they wanted to answer regarding the future of the datacenter. These questions revolved around the use of cloud (both public and private), the deployment of hyper-converged infrastructure, and the future of certain open source tools.

The questions that Nutanix sought to answer included:

  • Where are organizations in their journey to the cloud?
  • Do organizations truly understand what “cloud” means?
  • How far along the path are organizations with regard to data centre operational maturity?
  • Has the deployment of hyper-converged infrastructure had any noticeable impact on IT operations or the business?
  • Are respondents changing the types of applications they operate? For example, is there a movement toward open source databases and away from traditional solutions?

Read the entire report to know the answers to the above questions and more.

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