These two remarkably popular platforms adopted for managing containers and much more may seem to be competing technologies. Kubernetes and Docker are essential if you are willing to build a modern cloud infrastructure and run it. Kubernetes and Docker are popular as ‘managing containers’, and it may seem that they are in each other’s competition right now. Nevertheless, by the end of this article, you will find out that they, in many ways are actually complementary. These systems provide many techniques to build and manage virtual containers. But their systems differ significantly. Furthermore, they can even work together.
Artificial intelligence is reaching and discovering new milestones every now and then. While realising the present ones, a new landmark is being conceived by the creative minds of humans. This time Google is transforming the contact center with enhanced AI-Powered bots. Some days ago, Google announced the launch of Contact Center AI ALPHA and added to the new AI Revolution It’s the second time this quarter that a Google announcement is rocking the contact center world.
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