Best Practices for B2B Blog to Build Traction

Catchy headlines, SE optimized & useful content along with a clear page layout are some of the practices that should be followed for B2B blogs to build traction.

Best Practices for B2B Blog to Build Traction
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Anyone Can Blog Well. But, Some Conditions Apply!

At some point, we were a blogging newbie too. So, what has changed since then? We learn something every other day. Build or get new ideas, options, new possibilities, and ways of reaching to our potential readers. At times, it is harder to reach a potential target especially if the blogs are meant to be B2B. We get directions and points from our colleagues, and other days, we search the internet and look for something interesting to build better traction and conversions for our B2B blog.

Like you did right now!

So let’s cut the random talks out and see what we have learned till now from all the sources and experience, for a B2B blog;

  • Descriptive, Clear Headlines & Catchy Words

Every blog we write we find numbers of other articles of the same keyword. So, which one to click first? What difference do they have? How can somebody predict the better one without knowing what’s in it? How does the audience decide that?

So, the title of the blog must be ultra-specific. It should reflect the usefulness and to whom it may concern. For B2B topics, it is not always possible to find something unique, but try to. Without a clear, catchy headline the chances of converting potential readers into one become slim. Also, it must be SEO friendly, and this brings out our next point.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Each time you publish a blog, a new page indexes. This cues search engines that your b2b site is active and your chances of showing up in SERPs (search engine results pages) increase. Pulling traffic to your B2B website via your B2B blog is not as simple as simple as publishing a blog article and watching the traffic roll in.

Search engines are not the only source of targeted audience, but successfully targeting long-tail keywords in your blog content can highly increase your organic visitors.  Get help from a proper SEO tool. For example, if you use any self-hosted Word Press site, you may install Yoast SEO. An SEO plugin like it helps your website in becoming as search engine-friendly as possible.

A tool like Yoast SEO assists you in determining how many characters will fit right-in for the title. It informs you when you have reached your character limit for the Meta descriptions too. If the slug of a particular landing page is long or just okay and if it contains any stop words. With this, it presents you with all the information necessary for an SEO beginner, like what are Stop words or Transition words. With every mistake, it teaches you what it is, how you can overcome it. Furthermore, what new trends or tricks you can try, for optimisation and land a better rank for your page.

  • Strong Introduction, Content & Image

Take a reasonable amount of time for the title of your B2B blog. The title is what invites your readers, even if they are not looking for it. In one look they should know what they are going to get and if it could be of any use to them futuristically. Do not try to be too smart or tricky, as it can conceive vagueness. Refrain from duplicating someone’s content; this severely affects your rank in SERPs and further troubles. Use proper and attractive images. The images you use must not have any licensing problem. So check the usage rights. You may use a paid, reliable source for pictures.

Get help from SEO plugins to determine content’s readability. Get to know if your content needs improvement and on what ways. The blog is written by a human, for a human, so stop using fancy or robot-sounding words. Present your B2B blog in a composed & non-pretentious manner. Now, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t check for grammatical mistakes.

  • Format Your Layout for Clean Page Design

Whether you are intending on redesigning your website or changing your existing site a little bit, always remember to adjust your landing pages. A blog page must have proper font style and everything. Also, the sidebars and other tabs or advertisements on the page should be minimum. Their font should be smaller and nothing flashy. The recommended links on side tabs must lead to the content relating to the current one, this increases your site engagement activities and thus traffic.

Pop-ups are highly undesirable, although you may use one when the crawler is in the page end. But before that, it’s a no-no. Writing a great headline alone doesn’t guarantee the success of your content. Understand your target audience’s persona and current trends. Be up-to-date with the ongoing vibes. Know high and low of the scenario. Research history and future of that B2B topic. Don’t forget to add your personal opinion.

The blog needs to yield more than just a click.

  • Right Online Marketing Channels

Nowadays, just posting a blog in your new squeaky clean website won’t do. Share your B2B blog post in different social media. Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn helps the viewer’s reach to your blog whether it is a B2B blog or B2C. Social media platforms create a steady traffic and conversion rate for your site.

Don’t forget to add appropriate links to other pages or blogs on your website. In case the reader is interested to know more. Social media helps land many inbound links to your page. 43% of the marketers found a customer via LinkedIn, and 52% got customers via Facebook (source). In the meantime, mind the right time to schedule your blogs.

“Content is fire.
Social media is gasoline.”

 -Jay Baer.

Kelsey manages Marketing and Operations at HiTechNectar since 2010. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management. A tech fanatic and an author at HiTechNectar, Kelsey covers a wide array of topics including the latest IT trends, events and more. Cloud computing, marketing, data analytics and IoT are some of the subjects that she likes to write about.

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