Is Agile Really The Way Forward Or Just A Cultural Industry Change?

The entire idea of going agile is to reduce operational/developmental dependency. It also ensures that all the team members perform...

Is Agile Really The Way Forward Or Just A Cultural Industry Change? | Hitechnectar
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

For a long time, agile was considered as a set of management practices relevant only to the software development industry. This was considered so as the original document the “Agile Manifesto for Software Development” was written by software developers. However, this methodology is now spreading to all types of organizations after being recognized by McKinsey & Company, Harvard Business Review and the 2015 learning consortium Project in 2016.

What is Agile?

It is a methodology which uses an iterative and incremental approach to product development. This allows the development teams to tackle the unpredictability of the development process. Instead of treating the development as one process, it is divided into a number of smaller tasks. The entire idea is to reduce operational/developmental dependency. It also ensures that all the team members perform their roles individually to maintain the fixed timelines.

What is Agile methodology?

This methodology adopts iterative and incremental work sequences which are known as sprints. A sprint is a time period given for a particular phase of the project to be completed.

It revolves around the concepts of adaptive planning, early delivery and continuous improvement. This enables the teams to adapt to the changing or increasing requirements and any feedback from the client.

By using this methodology, the customer is updated on a regular basis about the tasks being performed and they know in real time if the development is on schedule.

The Agile Manifesto

The Manifesto is a document consisting of 12 principles that are based on four fundamental values which include:

  1. The focus should be on individuals and interactions instead of processes and tools
  2. Working software should be given importance over comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer collaboration is more vital as compared to contract negotiation
  4. The process should adapt to change than strictly following a plan


Agile Principles


Comparison with Traditional Methods

As companies shift from the traditional waterfall/spiral method to agile, it is an interesting debate if agile really is an effective method in comparison to Waterfall or is it just a fad that all companies seem to be following? It is imperative to understand that agile is suitable for certain tasks and processes within an organization. While there are some processes for which the traditional waterfall method is highly effective still. If we look at the aforementioned data and understand deeply how agile method works, one can definitely conclude that yes, going agile is an effective method and not just a cultural industry change.

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