Learn about the Top CCaaS Providers Businesses should know

Learn about the Top CCaaS Providers Businesses should know

CCaaS providers offer solutions to integrate contact center functions with cloud-based infrastructures. Moreover, the CCaaS providers offer solutions that enable flexibility and agility for various businesses.

Furthermore, the Covid -19 Pandemic encourages businesses to use more SaaS platforms and digitally transform their operations. For instance, the research firm Metrigy in its ‘Customer Engagement Transformation: 2020-21’ states, “700 global organizations, over 60% of organizations adopt single or multi-tenant cloud-based contact center technology throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.” As a result, CCaaS revolutionizes telecom businesses by managing a virtual call center.

There are also various CCaaS providers available for hosted and native-built solutions to help businesses. Therefore, the solutions help lower costs, manage services, and develop SaaS. 

CCaaS not only evolve the process for CRM but also helps improve internal communication within the organization. Hence, in this article, we will learn more about CCaaS and the various providers that businesses should be aware of.

Understanding the various CCaaS Providers for Businesses

What is CCaaS?

Contact Center as a Service or CCaaS is the incorporation of contact center hosts in a cloud environment. Further, businesses use CCaaS models and principles SaaS subscriptions for various contact center solutions.

Moreover, CCaaS and its providers offer businesses a pay-as-you-go service according to their requirements. Hence, making it more cost-efficient while understanding the requirements and objectives of the business.

According to Gartner, “Contact center as a service (CCaaS) is a SaaS-based application that enables customer service organizations to manage multichannel customer interactions holistically (using self- and assisted-service) from both customer experience and an employee experience perspective. CCaaS solutions are large systems of differentiation, enabling an adaptive, flexible delivery model with both native capabilities across the four pillars of great customer service, as well as productized integrations to partner solutions, through application marketplaces. Contact Center-as-a-Service providers enable platform standardization across the customer service organization”

Benefits of using CCaaS Providers and their Solutions

  • CCaaS Providers offer features to maintain assets, IT investments, and hardware. Hence, businesses can allocate efforts and resources to perform more pivotal tasks.
  • Moreover, it also provides businesses with more flexibility and agility with various scalable software.
  • Further, businesses become more customer-centric and provide a better customer experience.
  • CCaaS Providers and their solutions also enable businesses to implement hybrid infrastructures that combine with their on-premises contact centers. 
  • Businesses also easily adapt to various compliances while developing the system for advanced applications.
  • Moreover, it helps improve internal communication with various functional departments. Hence, increasing business horizons while establishing multiple channels that may also provide better customer service.
  • Further, several advancements in technologies and business operations, it helps businesses prepare for emerging technologies. For instance, Artificial Intelligence has now become an active part of customer services for various businesses.
  • Above all, CCaaS providers and their solutions, help businesses save costs. Hence, integrating cloud solutions for contact centers is cost-effective in comparison to on-premise solutions.

Here are the Top CCaaS Providers and their Solutions that benefit businesses:


RingCentral is one of the most innovative CCaaS providers in the business. Moreover, their solutions are all about helping businesses leverage flexibility and agility. 

RingCentral Contact Center is a newer solution by the provider. Although, its more modern solution is the RingCentral Engage. Engage is a cloud contact center that uses modern technologies like analytics, AI, etc. Further, the CCaaS providers offer solutions that help businesses regardless of their size. 

Key Features of RingCentral Solutions:

  • Firstly, the providers cater to various requirements with their complete solutions. Moreover, they help businesses with software with compliance, security, and privacy functions.
  • Further, they provide comprehensive solutions with vast features and are easy to use.
  • They also provide solutions with omnichannel routing, multiple integrations, and complete telecom software.

CCaaS Providers: Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the more popular CCaaS providers that offer various CRM solutions. Moreover, their solutions come with a suite of software to help businesses with customer service, marketing automation, analytics, etc. Further, the provider offers cloud-based solutions and CCaaS is integrated within the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Recently, they introduced their new Service Cloud Voice Solution which is a unified software. It also enables contact center agents to access tools that improve efficiency and provide a better customer experience.

Key Features of Salesforce Solutions:

  • Firstly, the solutions combine phone, digital channels, and CRM features for a central interface. 
  • Moreover, the solutions utilize AI features for a more real-time approach. 
  • The solutions also offer managers and leaders to monitor operations and identify any bottlenecks.
  • Most importantly, the solutions integrate data to provide a complete view of a customer’s journey.

CCaaS Providers : Talkdesk

Talkdesk is one of the world-leading providers of various communication solutions. Further, they provide a variety of solutions for communication, UCaaS, collaboration, CPaaS. Moreover, its customer experience cloud solutions offer flexibility and reliability.

Talkdesk CCaaS enables businesses and teams to access a plethora of solutions. Hence, it helps businesses achieve a better customer experience with its call management and queueing services.

Key Features of Talkdesk Solutions:

  • Firstly, the solutions are cloud-native and offer complete communication features.
  • Moreover, they also enable several APIs and integrations with other software solutions. Hence, making them more modern and advanced.
  • They also offer intelligent routing and contextual communication features. Therefore, optimizing flexibility and scalability for the business.

Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern is a cutting-edge and innovative CCaaS provider. Moreover, its solutions offer a high ROI in the industry. Further, they offer robust cloud contact center solutions with AI technology. 

Moreover, they offer completely customizable and simple solutions. They also provide solutions for various compliances and business requirements. 

Key Features of Bright Pattern Solutions:

  • Firstly, the solutions are simple, fast, and easy to upgrade.
  • Moreover, the provider guarantees no downtime. 
  • Further, the CCaaS solutions have the highest ROI in the industry. 


Twilio offers more CPaaS solutions than CCaaS. However, more businesses that deal with B2B and developer solutions utilize Twilio. Twilio’s solutions are easy to integrate with various contact center software to help businesses.

Further, Twilio Flex is a solution that provides API features for voice, SMS, and WhatsApp processes. Moreover, their current clients use the solution for their contact centers. That is to say companies like Twitch, Zendesk, and Lyft utilize the CPaaS solutions for innovative functions.

Key Features of Twilio Solutions:

  • Firstly, its solutions help businesses execute personalization features for a better customer experience.
  • It also helps businesses with their digital transformation by providing extensive communication channels.
  • Moreover, it also offers cloud contact centers that are easily customizable for various businesses.


Genesys offers solutions to optimize customer experiences for various businesses. Moreover, Genesys develops its Customer Experience Platform on its proven communication stack. Further, it is a complete CCaaS solution that offers omnichannel customer experience analytics. It also provides reports on modern IVR and self-service features. 

Key Features of Genesys Solutions:

  • Firstly, it provides an omnichannel customer experience along with analytics and insights.
  • It also offers modern IVR features and customizable self-service functions.
  • Moreover, it is a smart solution that routes queries for first contact resolution.

GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect was previously known as Jive. Moreover, they are one of the leading providers of CCaaS solutions. Further, the CCaaS solutions offer businesses with IVR and ACD features to execute and prioritize inbound calls.

Key Features of GoTo Connect Solutions:

  • Firstly, the solutions offer a single contact center for both inbound and outbound activities.
  • It also provides real-time visibility for businesses to monitor customer interactions.
  • Moreover, the solutions guarantee businesses a 99.996% uptime, low bandwidth usage, and a distributed cloud infrastructure.

NICE inContact

NICE inContact is one of the top CCaaS providers that commit their solutions to help businesses connect with their audiences. Moreover, Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester report the provider as a leader in contact center software. 

Key Features of NICE inContact Solutions:

  • Firstly, it helps businesses build platforms that are completely customizable.
  • It also offers solutions for automation and AI along with customer analytics. Hence, its open cloud foundation makes it a leading solution provider.


Aircall is one of the best CCaaS vendors in the industry. Moreover, its solutions provide a variety of voice features. Further, its solutions also offer incorporative features to help businesses and their teams. 

Key Features of Aircall Solutions:

  • Voice call features like call management, IVR, conference calling, and blacklisting spam numbers. 
  • It also enables businesses to build IVR menus and smart routing functions according to their requirements.
  • Moreover, it offers insights and analytics to monitor workflows and develop KPIs for various processes.

Cisco Broadsoft

Cisco acquired Broadsoft around the year 2018. Moreover, the CCaaS vendors combine their solutions to build the Cisco Customer Journey Platform. Broadsoft earlier merged with Transera that helped it empower its solutions for businesses. 

Moreover, the CCaaS solution includes interactive IVR, ACD, WFO, outbound, etc functions for better customer experience and engagement. 

Key Features of Cisco Broadsoft Solution:

  • Firstly, they offer solutions keeping in mind the current requirements and objectives of the business.
  • It also provides solutions with AI-powered agent assistance for a unique and intuitive customer experience.

CCaaS Providers: UJET

UJET develops comprehensive omnichannel CCaaS software for various businesses. Moreover, its unique and robust solutions help digitally transform business operations. Further, it offers solutions that unify customer experiences through sales, marketing, and support operations. 

Key Features of UJET Solutions:

  • It is the world’s first and only cloud contact center software for smartphones.
  • Moreover, it eliminates the in-person call center technology. Hence replacing it with a flexible cloud environment.
  • Further, its unique design for smartphone users helps businesses offer top-notch services and interactions.


Zendesk is one of the popular CCaaS providers that offer customer service solutions and support ticketing systems. Moreover, the provider caters to 125,000 clients with services in over 30 languages across 160 regions. Moreover, Zendesk’s acquisition of FutureSimple in 2018 leads to more open and flexible solutions for CRM. 

Key Features of Zendesk Solutions:

  • Firstly, its solutions offer four exclusive and flexible plans. 
  • Its solutions also easily integrate with various software for a more unique experience.
  • Moreover, it also provides businesses with solutions that offer actionable insights into operations.


Puzzel offers solutions to businesses that are unable to afford risks with customer service solutions. Moreover, its exquisite solution provides omnichannel experiences using the cloud. It also helps businesses manage and monitor customer interaction and engagements. Hence, it provides insights to help businesses build strategies. 

Key Features of Puzzel Solutions:

  • Firstly, it offers a superior admin and workforce management solution for agile functions.
  • It also helps businesses offer more convenient services to their customers.

Verint Systems

Verint Systems offer businesses actionable and intelligent CCaaS solutions. Moreover, the company provides software and hardware solutions for customer engagement. It also offers features like management, security, business intelligence, etc.

Key Features of Verint Sytems Solutions:

  • Firstly, Verint Systems solutions offer businesses innovative techniques to manage customer engagement and interactions.
  • Moreover, its open and flexible approaches help businesses optimize their workforce.


In conclusion, CCaaS providers have evolved their solutions to help businesses digitally transform. Moreover, there are constant advancements in CCaaS solutions and providers are now adopting modern technologies like AI for better experiences.

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