The Best Thing About Cognitive Computing Products and their Benefits

Examples of Cognitive Computing Products
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Cognitive computing is a technology that imitates human personality. It’s thought process, personality, and sentiment helps in the decision-making process.

It acts as a substitution to how the brain works.

It also supports and expands the human judgment with data insights and provides sources that are diversified and most relevant to the complex problem.

Cognitive computing combines data from various sources to give the best possible solution while contemplating the context and evidence.

It uses self-learning technologies that use data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing (NLP) to understand the way human brains work.

It is aimed to stimulate human thought. It also involves the real-time analysis of the environment to give the best result to the person’s problems.

It contemplates the reasoning process of the human brain

Some of the key features of cognitive computing include text analytics, voice recognition and analytics, image and visual analytics, machine learning/deep learning, classification and clustering, search, and similarity matching.

Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa are few of the best examples of Cognitive computing.

10 Cognitive computing companies & their products:

Vantage Software

Investment managers have a complicated job.

They have to assimilate and comprehend enormous volumes of data and utilize it to make split-second, dependable decisions about where and when to put the client funds in an unpredictable market.

Vantage software gives a thorough analysis of private equity firms and small hedge funds.

Vantage Software has launched a new product Coalesce, which is based on IBM Watson’s cognitive computing technology.

Through that, we can examine millions of pages of documents, explore available market intelligence, risk profiles, and financial profile data to provide better information to analysts.


Welltok offers an intellectual tool called CaféWell Concierge that responds to people’s inquiries while analyzing vast volumes of information in a split second and makes customized suggestions.

Welltok with CafeWell Concierge helps improve the wellbeing of their health insurers and suppliers.


Cognitive computing is additionally helping veterinarians care more for the animals.

LifeLearn offers a veterinary decision-support tool called Sofie which gives recommendations immediately, enabling busy vets to save time and look after patients with quality consideration.


WayBlazer helps make tasks increasingly manageable with an intellectual controlled individual travel concierge.

The tool facilitates travelers to ask inquiries about traveling and gives different results based upon individual vacationers’ inclinations.

Edge Up Sports

More than a million individuals play fantasy football, and a large number of them invest hours poring over the most recent details and news to make their week after week picks.

Some fantasy team administrators are utilizing the cognitive computing technologies of Edge Up Sports to enable them to draft their teams.

Edge Up Sports is a mobile app that allows the users to ask questions related to fantasy football and provide the best answers which help the managers to make better decisions.


Most fitness coaches still depend on pen and paper to follow their customers’ progress toward their goals.

BrightMinded has an empowered psychological application called TRAIN ME that gains from clinical research and tracks every client’s individual data to discover what is best for him/her.

It then prescribes a personalized exercise and fitness routine.

This app enables personal trainers to access the information of the clients and give customized training to them.


Sparkcognition provides SparkPredict, DeepArmor, DeepNLP, and Darwin.


It applies complex algorithms to a huge volume of data. It helps in cost savings and helps to improve the efficiency of operations.

It uses sensor data to predict the failures that may occur in the future and diverges them by alerting the operators.


Malware attacks are prevented by using big data and machine learning algorithms. The DeepArmor endpoint provides amplification of performance, simplicity, and prevention from predicted attacks.


It uses superior machine learning techniques and integrates the existing workflow to get answers to its queries.


It is a machine learning product that provides data scientists with an environment to prototype use cases and develops and implements machine learning applications faster and more efficiently as compared to traditional data science models.


Numenta is based on the theory of neocortex, which is a machine learning technology that can be applied to detect any abnormality in servers, classification of language, and human behavior along with tracking data.


It gives the cognizance to use the unstructured content by combining language and technology.

It helps the business and government in the decision-making process by giving them some deep insights.

Cogito is a multilingual cognitive software that gives humans the ability to evaluate and understand thoughtful conclusions. Its core algorithms are based on the perception of texts.

These are combined with the knowledge graph using machine learning algorithms for a better understanding.


Cognitive Engine multiples the value of all the IT investments by combining all the data and the processes of the organization, by imbuing cognitive intelligence and suggesting the steps that hold the highest revenue impact on the company.

It gives customized steps to each relationship manager so that they can easily capture new and higher revenues.


To sum up, cognitive computing portrays innovation stages that amplify natural language processing, speech, vision, and improve the computer interaction that impersonates the working of the human brain and improves the decision-making process.

It gives customized results and deep insights by analyzing the vast data from different sources. It’s a powerful tool which when used efficiently is capable of giving an amazing result.

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