Encryption as a Service Explained in Detail

Encryption as a Service Explained in Detail
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Encryption is one of the top priorities in these alarming times of cyber-attacks, and sensitive data protection and regulatory requirements.

According to IBM and Ponemon Institute’s Cost of a Data Breach Study, the average data breach cost for organizations globally is $3.6 million and is increasing every year.

So clearly, the ransomware attacks aren’t showing any signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

The encryption method provides data protection by making the data unreadable to everyone except those possessing its decryption/key information.

It also plays a significant role in end-to-end security by successful data transmission across authorized networks, and restraining access to third-parties.

What is Encryption as a Service (EaaS)?

EaaS or Encryption-as-a-Service obstructs cyber criminals or any unauthorized party from stealing or eavesdropping on your data like the unencrypted passwords on your portal sent over WANs to collect information.

EaaS is a pay-as-you-go cloud service. Every layer of your organization needs protection.

So even if the data is at rest and initial stages and not yet in flight/transit, you still need to secure it with encryption to avert any loopholes for the hackers.

The most effective way to secure data and ensure the integrity of a company is to deploy encryption and adequately manage the encryption keys, which is not easy.

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Encryption as a Service Applications

Many companies like Google, Netscape, and Microsoft offer encryption solutions as an in-built feature in many of their cloud platforms.

Its status is rapidly changing from ‘other offers’ to expected features. Also, although there are ways to encrypt your data by yourself too, in recent years, encryption is getting more popular “as a Service” for reasons like:

All-time security assurance –

With EaaS, the proprietor has full control over their data and of the associated encryption security parameters. The organization’s data is blended with the company’s security policies.

EaaS eases the security burden and may also provide all-time data protection.

There it is made sure that any crucial, financial, and private information is not sent over any of the networks without encryption and full security.

Shield sensitive Information –

From internal conflicts, leak or human errors protect your data with access control/key to only the only authorized users. Avoid scrambling any information or putting them in wrong under-skilled hands.

Clients can furthermore incapacitate any device or user from new and existing key and processes at any time.

Also, the end-to-end encryptions provided by the EaaS providers restrict from deciphering your data or any communication.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance –

All organizations need to adhere to security laws, guidelines, and regulations. You need to have a secure network for your business, employees, and your customers.

For example, healthcare organizations must be clear and transparent on the steps they take to secure the patient’s privacy and provide encryption methods with adequate server security.

24/7 devoted crypto experts and techniques –

EaaS personnel can manage and operate encryption and related security processes without gaining access to critical data of their clients.

Have a better knowledge of encrypting data security issues and conditions under different circumstances.

EaaS helps in keeping encryption keys and policy management independent from the cloud infrastructure and secures your emails, documents, and data.

Appropriate Tools and Resources –

With better expertise, tools, and methods applied in the processes and supplied data across multiple cloud providers are much safer and stable.

Also, regardless of what storage platform you have your data in, you can still avail of encryption service technologies.

Some cloud approaches provide customers with limited resources to manage encryption themselves in a multi-tenant environment and to create their encryption keys.

Although, with an Encryption-as-a-Service provider, they have the correct understanding of which step to address when, and what methods to apply for a regulatory compliance security process.

Encryption-as-a-Service Providers

There are many companies now that are providing Encryption amongst its other cloud services as a package deal or individually.

The EaaS providers help you in safeguarding your networks of communication and focus on providing you a safer environment, unlike Skype, Slack, Telegram, Dropbox, Facetime, Gmail, etc.

Here are a few Encryption-as-a-Service (EaaS) providers which are making it easier and simpler for businesses to leverage encryption’s cost-effective benefits:

CloudHesive –

CloudHesive (partnering with Vormetric) is referred to as a “Truly Agnostic Solution.”

It offers EaaS and Tokenization as a Service (TaaS) whether you use a co-location facility or have a cloud service provider and secures your data center.

CloudHesive states that they acquire no access to their client’s data, are vendor agnostic and offer offsite key storage and tokenization to any location all around the globe.

FortKnoxster –

It is an all in one peer-to-peer (P2P) encrypted communication platform via blockchain. It is aimed mainly at the B2C market.

A user transparent end-to-end encrypted cloud storage saves and safeguards your files and other documents encrypted from point one.

FortKnoxster’s main features include end-to-end encrypted inbox, file storage, chat, voice messages, video conferencing, screen sharing, and an intuitive web app.

Hashicorp –

The Vault by Hashicorp provides Encryption as a Service in defending businesses’ security architecture.

Vault, without storing the data received by its’ secrets engine’, handles cryptographic processes on data-in-transit.

It also enables them to fortify data at rest and during transit. So even if someone manages to infiltrate, they are left with only the encrypted bits of the raw data.

Vault’s API programming process makes it easier to track and thereby audit any questionable data access.

Also, its internal revocation system makes sure to revoke users after a fixed duration of the lease expiring through its leasing model.

Identos –

Identos provides a quick and straightforward platform for Encryption-as-a-Service.

The Identos allows applications to provide a cryptographic identity to its users bounded through a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) which is a strong user credential.

It, in turn, enables admins in accessing data security, message integrity, and user revocation, while performing multiple device integrity checks. This helps in avoiding any accidental data or keys revelation.

Secure Channels –

Secure Channels launched Secure Containment Information Facility (SCIFCOM), a new as a service encryption platform.

SCIFCOM includes features for ultra-encrypting, secured token exchange and emails, file encryption, and password protection.

Zayo –

Zayo provides its customers with Encryption as a Service without sacrificing network performance and offers a wide range of integrated security services.

Encrypting high-speed traffic and handling various protocols is a key factor to Zayo’s EaaS. Zayo also offers DDoS mitigation in addition to encryption solutions.

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