What is Facebook’s InfoWar Crisis?

In the middle of Facebook fake news storm, Facebook has had their hands full with handling the backlash over Facebook aiding in the spread of fake news.

Facebook Fake News Infowar Crisis
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Facebook has been in the news quite a lot recently over issues on data, the way it was collected and used by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg even had to face some embarrassing moments in the chair facing the senate while answering some tough questions over him being comfortable sharing his own personal information. But as Facebook was waiting for the dust to settle, a new storm kicked to the fore, the Facebook fake news storm. The entire Facebook team has had their hands full with handling the uproaring backlash from their users and authorities over Facebook aiding in the spread of fake news.

Facebook’s infowar has taken a new turn with the team looking to find solutions to curb the spreading menace as the authorities are breathing down heavily on them. Yet, this is not the beginning of the infowar. It is imperative to understand exactly what is infowars where Facebook finds itself in the middle of? It had all begun during the US presidential elections where Facebook was blamed to aid Donald Trump in spreading fake news to influence public opinion online and turn the votes in his favour. Today, this new trouble has taken the think-tank to the drawing boards to figure out a solution to control the problem, lest it becomes too big to handle.

What Is The New Facebook Fake News Policy?

In a recent press interaction with the PR team at Facebook headquarters, words were put through to the public that Facebook is looking to tweak their news feed algorithm in a way that users shall receive updates from their network first. This means any new posts, photos, videos, etc. shared by the users within a user’s friends list will be showcased first. The rest of the news updates from pages and sponsored posts which are identified to be posted with malice in mind and the aim to influence public opinion shall be pushed to the bottom.

The spokesperson claimed that Facebook is a free speech platform and cannot stop users from posting content they feel like just because it doesn’t feel right. The current Facebook filters clear-out posts which are either offensive, pornographic in nature or hurt any religious sentiments. But they cannot monitor every post to check if there are malice intentions in the user. In the discussions about the solutions to Facebook fake news, the judiciary has also claimed that if Facebook contains any questionable matter and yet does not take any action to stop it under the pretence of free speech and a free platform to voice one’s opinions, Facebook shall be considered liable for the damage caused.

With such harsh conditions being put forth, it shall be interesting to see what solution to fake news does Facebook come up with. On the other hand, one will be hoping that Facebook’s infowars do come to an end sooner.

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