Google Keyword Planner Tool Update with New Features

True to its name, it gives a clear vision of ‘what to do’ and ‘where to go’ to even the newbies unlike the old version of this google keyword planner.

Google Keyword Planner Tool Update with New Features
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

First things first, the latest version features streamlined workflows and reflects the design updates in the new AdWords experience. Starting July 24 2018, Google Adwords will become Google Ads.

Well for us the only thing this change means is instead of logging in to Adwords, we will log into Google Ads ( According to Google, from 24th July onwards the new brand name and logo will reflect on the website, platform, billing and help centre.

The New Google Keyword Planner update

A year after launching their Keyword Planner, Google made the first significant update to the tool a few weeks ago and gave an additional set of features to make it more useful and powerful. That will also reflect with the new Adwords update. These updates are done to make the tool less time exhausting and more advantageous for marketers.

Let us now straight off go to the ‘new Google Keyword planner’ revamp presently known as the Google keyword tool. At first glance, it looks quite attractive with full of fresh updates ready to be used. True to its name, it gives a clear vision of ‘what to do’ and ‘where to go’ to even the newbies unlike the old version of this google keyword planner.

It allows a much in-depth data and forecasting to help us plan the campaign strategy.

What’s new –

Google Search Volume

It still shows us the average Monthly search volume from the old planner which is quite a letdown. They could have done better by making it a more better range approximation tool for Keyword Search Volume. Right now, the given ranges are as

  • 1k – 10k
  • 10k – 100 K
  • 100k – 1M

etc., which aren’t exactly of any great help. This is true especially for a low budget or new startup companies. Anyhow,  the new thing is mobile search volume within the chart.

Previously, the Google keyword tool included two options

  1. Find new keywords
  2. Get metrics and forecasts for your keywords

Now, to get started using the new Google keyword tool,

  • head to the AdWords dashboard
  • click on the drop-down menu
  • select the keyword planner tool under the “Planning” section

which will give you some new options to deal with, but the selection is now more limited in comparison to the previous keyword planner update.

After that, you may either

  1. Search keywords using a general phrase, use a website or a broader category.
  2. Get metrics and forecast costs for your keywords.

You may further go on to selecting negative keywords too. That will help you weed out results that don’t apply to you. Previously you could add –ve keywords at the top of the generated list of yours. However, in the current update, it’s in the “Keyword Text” while applying the filter.

Furthermore, the keyword search tool helps us in finding trends, peek into the competitors’ keywords, in the new keyword planner tool.


Moreover, You may use The New Keyword Planner To Forecast Your Ad Spend. Don’t just blindly blow all your budget in the Google Ads. Fortunately, you can forecast a considerable data right within the new keyword planner update to get started. It is much better than to start with your keyword’s list of ideas.

In the old version, we first go to the main menu and choose the forecast option. Now you can plan your budget & get forecasts by clicking “Enter or upload a list of Keywords to get forecasts”. You can also see the plan overview afterwards. The ‘plan overview’ is thorough and with better budgeting and strategy forecasting tool compared to the previous keyword planner.

New to Google keyword tool?

Simply visit
Please note that you may now need to add your credit card details to use the Google Keyword tool.

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