Google One – Google’s new storage service

The Google One will still have the free cloud storage tier, with a generous space of 15 gigabytes. However, if you want a little higher storage capacity than that, you will have to put on some dough too.

    Google One - Google's new storage service
    Published By - Kelsey Taylor

    A new addition to the Google family is on its way.

    Within the next few months, launch for the new cloud storage service called ‘Google One’ is officially on the desk.

    The last time Google updated or upgraded its storage service plans was in 2014. Now, it’s adding a new tier and lowering the prices as part of its Google One rollout.

    This new service also includes a revamped pricing plans. Furthermore, Google promised some “extras”, a family plan too.

    All of this with free and unlimited access to ‘live help’ for all of Google’s consumer products & services.

    More Support

    Google promises refined support, including more benefits down the line for Google One subscribers.

    In Google One’s blog post they promise of extra perks such as Google Play credits and discounts on hotels found through Google Search. No more specifications are available to date.

    Google one also holds a five family member plan that can share an individual’s paid account.

    They all get their personal cloud storage space within the pre-taken plan limit. They all can use One’s live help assistance too.

    At this point, It seems like one of the most beneficial aspects of the new service is ‘live help’. The live experts are said to be available 24/7 through chat, call or email.

    All of this is accessible to paid accounts. Google till now has a lot of consumer services and products which changes frequently.

    So no doubt, the framework and mechanism of what they do, how they do it is now always evident or transparent.

    Anyhow, in my opinion, this ‘live help’ is going to be a plus for both, the newbies and the experienced users of Google. In fact, 24/7 support was previously limited to the G-Suite business account holding Consumers.

    Pricing for Google One

    The Google One still has the free cloud storage tier, that too with a generous space of 15 gigabytes.

    However, if you want a little higher storage capacity than that, you will have to put on some dough too. The further price listing plans till now are as below:


    Google Drive Google One

    100 GB

    $1.99/month $1.99/month
    200 GB (New Plan1) NA $2.99/month

    1 TB


    Not available

    2 TB



    10 TB (New Plan2) NA


    20 TB (New Plan3)

    NA $199.99/month
    30 TB (New Plan4) NA


    So clearly, Google is taking out the old plan of 1TB and in return,  giving in the 10, 20 and 30 TB cloud storage service through Google One.

    The 2 TB plan, from the former $19.99 per month is coming down to almost half, that is at just $9.99 per month.

    For this reason, the now available 1TB Drive plans will be upgraded to 2 TB at no extra cost to the already paid accounts.

    Effect on old accounts:

    In any case, no Google accounts will see any adverse impact or degradation in their free or paid accounts.

    For instance, as I already said earlier here that if we have a single TB storage data plan, then it will be promoted to 2 TB for no extra cost.

    In the meantime, Google is currently working on making the free space of 15 GB available with some upgradations to Google One.

    Keep in mind that Google drive or GooglePlus is not being renamed to Google One.

    As a matter of fact, Google drive is an update to paid plans and services of Google drive.  It is not a rebranding of the google drive’s cloud service.

    So don’t worry, Google Drive isn’t going away, at least at this point. In fact, there is no change in the way you use Drive to share and store files.

    How to sign up early for Google One

    Well, as it’s still in its early phase, Google One is going to be on testing phase first, starting with the United States.

    Google will upgrade all existing storage plans to Google One accounts in the next few months course. There will be a global deployment after that.

    Reportedly, a new Android app will roll out afterwards to help Google One users in monitoring and managing their plans.

    So the service is right now under work and many new benefits may pop-up down the line. At any rate, we can’t sign up for Google One quite yet.

    In the meantime, you may sign up for new updates and get a notification to whenever Google One service is available in your area.

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