How Does Marketing Automation Make Engagement Easy

If you work on using Marketing automation deeply, you find, it has an overwhelming number of possibilities. Being a digital marketer is no easy task.

How Does Marketing Automation Make Engagement Easy
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Marketing automation is no more an alternative or an option. It has become a must for Marketers.

If you work on using Marketing automation to its fullest, you find, it has an overwhelming number of possibilities. Being a digital marketer today is indeed no easy task, and many factors influence that. These days, customers are the ones who are in control of the buying journey and their interaction with brands.

Marketing automation, simply put, is a software that holds treasures of marketing exercises such as email marketing, landing pages, lead nurturing, customer segmentation, retention, and a lot more.

Primary Benefits of using marketing automation that makes an engagement to right customers easy-

  • Reporting and Analytics-
    With every campaign and event we handle, we need to analyse and report its result and every minute detail like audience interest level, which way they lean on more. We can work on samples to inspect which way works better for us by using A/B testing. Tracking information and data and its proper integration is what future marketing stands on. Social media interactions, its reporting, conversions and website-traffic; everything is duly analysed and reported by marketing automation tools. Automation helps us in evaluating work, improve it and give our team a better direction. The strategy is to scale the effectiveness of every little change, practically. Test it, measure it and then strategise in the proper direction. Track your audience’s activity, evaluate different campaigns and take corrective action. Automation makes every step simpler and ultimately lead to better ROI and a rise in customer engagement.
  • Target, Track and Capture Correct Leads-
    Send simple emails or complex newsletters that are sent to customers automatically, based on pre-defined triggers, behaviours, demographic data, or other criteria. Regarding quality, not all leads are necessarily the same. There is a big difference between an individual who visited your website thrice in the past year and, the one who viewed your article thrice a week. The latter one has a higher probability of converting to a quality lead. Marketing automation tool helps you in tracking and capturing them. It also gives you an idea on whom to target and what interest do an individual may hold. That way you can segment your people correctly. Saturating your leads helps you work out precisely who needs further nurturing and who is set to advance over to the sales team. Moreover, marketing automation software helps you take corrective actions and interactions so that it can calculate a score for that lead. It also lets you part your database of contacts to a great extent so you can deliver messages to particular types of people.
  • Social Media Engagement-
    With Social Marketing Automation tool, marketers can create various type of posts, events, polls, survey for customer engagement according to their interest. You may create a customized web page, make your page and integrate it with any social network. Then, monitor and analyse its engagement. The correct way to use marketing automation for anything is not to give your audience the wrong impression by spamming. Incorrect information or links will not be helpful in any way in 2018.

Make your point promptly and make it clear.

Time is exclusive, and no one has the patience for long messages. Take help from marketing automation tools, know what your audience wants to know. Provide them with the correct service or product. Solve their problem and always be ready to tell them what is unique about your offerings.

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