Top 10 Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms

Top Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms
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Traditionally in digital marketing, designing and targeting is done by primarily considering desktop users. That results in an often unresponsive mobile UI, unserved mobile-only users, and a lack of geographic mobility.

Mobile use is growing faster than any usage predictions done till now. With that said, businesses need to keep up with mobile trends and marketing automation demands and sync their marketing efforts accordingly.

Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA) aims to meet the needs of new technologies connected to mobile, Internet of Things, or wearable, etc. to reach the customers at all touch-points, including geo-locations, mobile apps, and devices. MMA helps different solutions and service providers to connect and convert mobile device users.

While working with mobile marketing automation,  abide by these dos and don’ts and learn its correct set of practices to yield MMAs full potential.

List of Top 10 Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms

A mobile marketing automation platform manages and automates your mobile marketing analysis, campaign processes, or other repetitive tasks.

MMA platforms make it easier to connect with customers via channels like push messaging and wearables.

These platforms clear a path for your marketers to reach all of your targets in real-time even if your customers are mobile-only users. Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms helps in:

  • Delivering better customer engagement.
  • Keeping a track on real-time engagement
  • Geo and device-based behavior research.
  • Building automated campaigns.
  • Integrating and analyzing the audience’s behavior over all of their devices.
  • Understanding the customer lifecycle and creating a properly targeted marketing strategy.
  • Collecting thorough information on customers on every device and gain better insights.
  • Comprehensive customer segmentation, A/B testing, and personalization.

Being able to get that perfect mobile marketing automation platform means reaching your customers directly.

MMA platform gathers and works on the exclusive data of their customers’ preferences and activity, unlike traditional marketing automation.

So, an MMA platform that fits your company the best is essential to save time, effort, and a better marketing budget. Below is a list of top 10 mobile marketing automation in the market as of 2019:

Adobe Marketing Cloud

In 2013, Adobe introduced its Marketing Cloud to mobile features, making smartphones and other mobile devices new targets for analytics.

Adobe Marketing Cloud gives Mobile Marketing in Adobe Analytics and incorporates push notifications, in-app messaging and optimization, intelligent location monitoring, geo-fencing, mobile app acquisition tracking, and deep-linking.

It furthermore includes advanced segmentation, and remarketing triggers, data collection from multiple channels and sources like video, audio, IoT, Intranet, etc.,


Formerly Appboy, Braze is a lifecycle engagement platform that connects you with your users through push notifications, in-app messaging, content cards, and email automation while working together with AI.

It’s a great platform to monitor and analyze customer behavior and create segmented and personalized marketing strategies.


CleverTap is an MMA platform that helps marketers in reaching the audience through 12 unique channels.

Apart from its omnichannel engagement, CleverTap helps in improving retention rates with unified consumer data. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for enhanced customer experience.


Leanplum is a mobile marketing automation platform that helps in building and nurturing meaningful engagement across touchpoints via push notifications, email, in-app messages, app inbox, web push, and app UX.

Leanplum forms personalized content based on the user’s lifecycle, geo, demography, behavior, etc.

It furthermore supports A/B and multivariate testing, rich-media push, email messaging, and analytical features with a friendly user interface.


Localytics is a platform designed for mobile or web applications that provides an advanced funnel analysis and has built-in artificial intelligence for better forecasting.

It has rich push notifications, in-app messages, built-in complex AI, and a compact UI.

Localytics helps you in understanding your users and their app usage behavior. Its features also include predictive analysis for optimization, in-app messaging, A/B testing, and remarketing techniques.


Mention is a powerful mobile marketing online platform that monitors billions of sources and their data over the internet and generates performance and behavioral analytics.

Mention monitors multiple online activities by source type, date, location, 40+ languages, and many other categories. Mention provides you with excellent research and analysis of what’s trending in real-time.


PushEngage supports web and mobile marketing based customized push notifications.

Its features include comprehensive customer segmentation, cross-promotion campaigns, context-triggered notifications, and its ability to integrate with popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

You can manage multiple websites in one account and nurture the customer relationships with segmentation, autoresponder, and triggered notifications.


SharpSpring is a robust sales & marketing automation platform that has the ease of integrating multiple third-party tools and systems.

SharpSpring provides the marketers with many dynamic features like task setting, push notification, browsing all pipelines adding leads, location-based mobile ads, SMS campaigns, and cross-channel integration.


Swrve is an MMA and engagement app platform software that segments millions of consumers. It furthermore processes multiple data streams across mobile apps, channels, systems, devices, and cloud in real-time.

It drives relevant customer experiences all in real-time and helps you determine drop-offs in engagements, and the correct time to create a targeted push campaign.

Swrve can also identify your business app’s capabilities and errors and propose adjustments.

Swrve generates a comprehensive marketing analysis, covers A/B testing, and segmentation of targeted customers under multiple categories.

Airship (formerly Urban Airship)

Airship provides ease in mobile marketing automation like reporting, scheduling, using location with push notifications, attribute collection and segmentation, collecting and managing user data across channels (web, mobile, store, etc.), security, and cross-platform support.

Its key features also include, churn prediction and prevention, real-time API and data streaming, push notifications, and in-app messaging.

Mobile marketing automation is a blessing for marketers. You need to understand your requirements for an effective marketing process.

MMA will not only optimize your time and effort but also empower your marketing team while increasing its productivity.

Digital marketing is continually progressing, and so are MMA and mobile engagement platforms.

Their importance is steadily rising as the shift towards mobile devices’ trends, and popularity is only progressing.

Businesses need to be certain that their marketing strategies include mobile marketing automation to keep them connected with their digital customers in every step.

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