Mobile Marketing Automation – Dos and Don’ts Explained

MA practices must be as common as any other marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing Automation - Dos and Don'ts Explained
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Mobile use is growing faster than any usage predictions have done till now. With that said, businesses need to keep up with mobile trends and marketing automation demands and sync their marketing efforts accordingly.

Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA) aims to meet the needs of new technologies connected to mobile, Internet of Things, or wearable, etc. to reach the customers at all touchpoints, including geo-locations, mobile apps, and devices. MMA helps different solutions and service providers to connect and convert mobile device users.

A mobile marketing automation platform manages and automates your mobile-marketing analysis, campaign processes, or other repetitive tasks. MMA platforms make it easier to connect with customers via channels like push messaging and wearables.

If done right, Mobile Marketing automation is the treasure trove for all marketers.

But, merely employing MMA doesn’t imply that your problems will go away in a jiffy. Mobile Marketing Automation’s magic will only work when every move and step is done precisely. For this, you need to employ the engage with the correct tool and utilize it properly.

This means every company has individual requirements. A tool that worked for other companies may not necessarily work for you.

MMA practices must be as common as any other marketing strategy.

Apart from MMA, your comprehensive workflow and overall strategies require to be optimized. Every stage is crucial, including the method you use to choose MMA platforms and tools.

Traditional marketing strategies won’t work if you don’t take mobile marketing seriously. You need to pay attention to the wrong decisions and mistakes one could make.

You must follow the correct set of practices to yield MMAs full potential.

While working with mobile marketing automation, you must follow these dos and don’ts –

Dos: Best Practices to comply –

The measure of the efficiency of any plan depends upon how well planned is your entire workflow is. The road map of when, why, and how you are going to employ your resources for mobile marketing automation and its tools dictates a campaign’s success rate. Always be clear on these –

  1. Keeping a mobile-first approach.
  2. What techniques you are going to use and where.
  3. Deciding on touchpoints for nurturing.
  4. Setting milestones and events according to the current trend.
  5. Selecting communications media and channels directed towards the required target.
  6. Scaling of your subscribers by synthesizing correct and fresh data.
  7. Integrating and analyzing the whole processed data of user’s behavior
  8. Ramp-up, your organization with proper segmentation, regular surveys, and market research through proper MMA tools.
  9. Personal engagement with regular and timely updates with automation.
  10. A direct platform for the audience to reach out to you, and personally following up with them for the same.
  11. Optimizing content and offers in a suitable format and media. Keep your content fresh with regular updates as frequently as possible.

You can easily cover these key points with the help of a proper mobile marketing automation platform that suits your organization. Know more about MMA platforms here.

Don’ts: Mistakes and how to prevent them –

Ignoring the user’s overall engagement behavior. Sending random push messages and notifications without any behavioral analysis is poison for any campaign. Leverage mobile marketing automation for triggering updates according to the user’s mobile engagement and activities. Specific MMA platforms may help you in triggering run-time push notifications. Use that!

No proper segmentation– Segmentation based on location and real-time activities of the user’s mobile and app behavior is a trump card in strategizing. MMA helps you in setting proper push notifications in accordance with the user’s mobile activity boost the chances of conversion.

Not using A/B testing– Every good Mobile marketing automation platform provides you with mobile A/B testing. Use MMA in real-time A/B testing to improve your ROI.

A/B testing helps you in collecting enough real-time information about your user’s mobile engagement. It helps you in improving customer retention, gain user attention, know which multi-touch campaign works the best for you. It provides you with real-time answers and solutions altogether.

Ignoring soft-launch Strategy– Not including the soft-launch in your mobile marketing automation strategy restrains you from testing, obtaining early feedback, individual profiling of users according to their behavior.

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