MSSP vs. MDR: Which Security Service is better for your Organization?

MDR is way better than MSSP at handling the security of your IT system. MSSP's functionality is limited to detecting any pre-defined abnormalities or spam blocking, whereas MDR is not only quick at detection of any virus attack but also tackles any sort of breach effectively.

MSSP vs. MDR: Which Security Service is better for your Organization?
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Importance of having IT security services

IT security services save the expenses of an organization as acquiring an in-house security staff can be expensive. They provide continuous security assessment while monitoring the risk vulnerability and detect any intrusion in the network management.

IT security services automate the vulnerability management against any advanced threats and also give a rapid incident response and the investigation of the event.

They offer threat intelligence and transparency into any predicted malicious activity. The security services analyze the company’s data from a single point of view which helps the service provider to identify any abnormal patterns and trends in the network management.

It also regularly scans the internal and external assets of IT network and offers configuration changes that strengthen the security policy of the company.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

MSSP monitors and manages the security devices and systems. It provides some amount of cybersecurity monitoring which may include detection of any virus and blocking spam.

Managed security services (MSS) is a precise way to deal with the organization’s security needs. It provides round the clock monitoring of your complete IT infrastructure, much like Managed Detection and Response.

Now, let’s understand some of the unique features of MDR.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

MDR is a service that combines a technology solution with outsourced security and identifies malware, and malicious activity in a system and helps with tackling and overcoming those threats.

MDR monitors the security network and rapidly sends and alert when any abnormality is detected.

MDR gives a post-incident response and recovery assistance. It also gives deep insights that are aligned to the organization’s cybersecurity requirements.

Managed security service provider (MSSP) Vs. Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Technological Difference

MSSP lags behind MDR in the usage of endpoint threat detection/response and forensic tools being used by the latter. MDR is considered to be much better when it comes to understanding and responding to the threats. MSSP with the technology at their disposal can be considered useful in providing a very basic level of security which would probably be apt for a smaller organization.

Detection and response

With the help of advanced security analytics, MDR provides a better insight into identifying a particular cyber threat over MSSP, which mostly relies on predefined rules set for it to identify any abnormalities. Thus, limiting the functionality of MSSP to probably a given set of threat identification.
MDR in combination with AI and machine learning provides a rapid response to any detected threat.

Mode of communication

MDR communicates directly with the analysts via voice and emails rather than portals whereas in case of MSSP, portals act as a primary mode of communication along with emails as well. Chat functions are the secondary mode of communication in case of MSSP.

Tackling Cybersecurity Threats

MSSP is quite ineffective here as it simply transfers any unusual alerts to the IT team of the organization, which then itself has to take care of processing it further as to whether or not the threat is real and how to tackle it if at all it is a real threat.
MDR is way ahead of MSSP here as not only it reports only verified threats but also suggests the IT team with the exact remedial actions which need to be taken and can do so even by itself if asked for.

Cost Effectiveness

Trust Net, one of the MSSP has listed out a monthly plan for availing their security services. The prices range from $750/month to $18,000/month for entrepreneurs and enterprises respectively.

Monthly plan for Silverbolt, one of the MDR providers’ price ranges from $2,000/month to $15,000/month via which customers can avail from 100 to 1000 endpoints.

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