OCULUS GO: VR REVIEW | A Huge Step in Comfort and Ergonomics

Just when it seemed that the VR vibe was fading away. The Oculus Go arrived with something fresh and exciting. By catching everyone’s attention with its quality features and most importantly its selling price.

    Oculus Go VR Review
    Published By - Kelsey Taylor

    Facebook’s new Oculus Go is visibly a big win, and anyone who is coming across it wants one

    Preface to VR, AR:

    A realistic 3D image or simulated/artificial environment; created by blending interactive hardware & software is a computer-generated scenario, for a ‘seemingly’ real or physical experience.

    It focuses on gaining complete immersion and the perception of being physically present in a non-physical world.

    Whereas, augmented reality systems layers virtual information over a live camera feed into a headset or through digital devices giving the user the ability to view 3D images.

    Its easy example being Pokemon Go, you could see Clefairy in your environment through it when she is not really there.

    Product:  Oculus Go

    Release Date: 1 May 2018

    Oculus Venues, which allow users to connect with others and watch from any angle live social events like concerts, sports, or comedy nights is set to launch on Oculus Go and Gear VR on 30th May.

    Availability: It’s available in 23 countries, including the US, UK, Finland, Norway, Australia, Canada, and Sweden.


    Screen: 2560 by 1440 fast-switching LCD screen instead of OLED. With allegedly similar speed, also it helps Go to keep its cost down. Delicate screen.

    Sound System: There are speakers built into the headset on the insides amplified by the contours of the head plate. They are surprisingly loud and Clear but don’t mistake them for headphones. Everyone around you will be hearing what you play. But, you can use headphones if you want some privacy.

    Monitor: Can track your position in 3 degrees, but you will have to wait for Oculus Santa Cruz to get your head monitored in space like higher end VR offerings which will be a wireless, self-contained headset. The upcoming Oculus Santa Cruz promises better performance and more immersion via its six degrees of freedom and motion controllers. That will be pricier than the Go for sure, but the premium should be worth it, assuming the quality is that much better

    Weight: 468g. Since it’s not housing a phone or anything it is way lighter than the other VRs till now. Even its own weight is minimum than the other VRs currently at the Market.

    Manufacturing Partner: Xiaomi

    Controller: Light and easy to use. With trackpad on the top also used as the button, as well as back and home buttons below. With Index finger on the trigger which is essential for interacting with VR environment.


    Processor: 821 Snapdragon processor.

    Storage: 32 GB or 64 GB. You will have to pair it with iOS or Android companion app to connect it to your Wi-Fi.

    You can always browse the Oculus Store in VR and download apps direct. Different types of content take up varying amounts of space on your device. The examples below are estimates of how each device could hold at one time-

    • 64 GB | 7 HD Movies, 20 Games, 40 Apps
    • 32 GB | 3 HD Movies, 10 Games, 20 Apps

    Ease:  It is easy to fit in your head, even if you wear glasses. The faceplate has a general amount of foam and covered in knit mesh, kind of like in athletic wear to wick away sweat.

    The Go’s 3 heads traps are made out of spandex and secured with Velcro to easily adjust and stretch for large heads.

    Price & Reviews: The new Oculus Go VR headset is earning high marks from reviewers and users alike, Inexpensive compared to other VR headsets. Its price $199 and $249 for the 32 GB & 64 GB model respectively.

    Where to Buy:  Authorized retailers- North America;, Best Buy (online and in-store), Newegg.

    Set Contains Oculus Go headset, Controller, AA Battery, Power Adapter, Eyeglass Spacer.

    Competitors: Google’s daydream Mirage Solo (Lenovo) has come out as the top competitor till now with a better Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 VR Processor. But even after that Oculus Go wins with a better balance from features to most importantly price and weight (Daydream’s Web Price: $399.99 for 64 GB of 645 g).

    In the end, the main highlights:

    • Standalone VR: no additional devices required. No phone or PC required.
    • Recharging (the battery) takes about 3 hours.
    • Lowest price in the Market for these many features. Go has the potential to reach more people.
    • Available with over a 1,000 VR games, Jurassic World Blue, Netflix, and other Gear VR classics to select from.
    • Not for the still-developing eyes of children under 13.

    Just when it seemed that the VR vibe was fading away. The Oculus Go arrived with something fresh and exciting. By catching everyone’s attention with its quality features and most importantly its selling price.

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