What are the Technology bred Threats to Humanity In Today’s Era

Many policies against industrial waste have been created and are rolling-on for past few decades but don’t seem to be working much against anything, why?

Technology bred Threats to Humanity
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

For a long time now, disruptive technology and digitalization have been changing the face of the earth and humanity with it. So, it’s not out of the blue when we say that these disruptions come with some abominations. The work society is turning into an Automated Society with each little steps it’s taking. Now the humans are themselves in a race of spitting out every possible trace of “human glitches” from the system.

So where do we see ourselves standing right now?

Read Below Some of the major IT threats to Humanity:

Industrialization causing Global warming-

While there have been many policies against deforestation, vehicles are still using way more natural oils and lessening the greenhouse effect and depletion of the ozone-layer for so long. But, it is not having the impact that it is supposed to. Furthermore, some of the humans are responsible for climate deterioration more than the others. And that includes industry and government people. Many policies against industrial waste have been created and are rolling-on for past few decades but don’t seem to be working against global warming.


It is because the rate of which we are depleting and consuming nature is not even close to the speed of maintaining the balance. These policies are not even a wall is close to being enough for stopping the rising oceans. On top of that, highly influential politicians stating that global warming is a hoax doesn’t help the earth’s deteriorating health.

[su_quote cite=”Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)” url=””]“Most of what creates global warming is done in the name of the supposed need for economic growth. Substitute technologies to natural resources exist, but are suppressed because it would halt multiple industries or may bring about multi-million-dollar losses to powerful tech businesses.”[/su_quote]

Scientists have long agreed that the primary factor of increasing temperature- a decisive climate indicator, of the earth are human beings. We are provided with the reports on their growing confidence through successive climate assessments of the IPCC. The temperature is now breaking its own record each year.

Nukes and other highly efficient Weaponry

The effects of the 1945 bombings by the US over the Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still prominent in those areas. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant destruction in March 2011 resulted in massive radioactive contamination on the Japanese mainland. Now with the high tech support, nuclear weapons have become even more dangerous than ever.

Currently, 100 nuclear weapons are the “pragmatic limit” for a country to have in its arsenal. Interestingly enough, the same number of nukes is also more than enough to destroy the earth as a whole. And hence, this new research argues if the limitation policy is of any good.

Even apart from the nukes, many more weapons are a high threat to humanity. These weapons of destruction in the wrong hands like the terrorists or rogue nations throw a massive peril over the human societies anywhere on the face of the earth.

Machines and Human rights clash-

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, it has overpowered almost every department that it has touched by now. Many have predicted that one day it may be able to surpass human Intelligence in every field. This makes “human jobs” bootless; creating high tides of unemployment.

Apart from the fears of robots and automation pulling out humans from the job market, high-tech forces of the blockchain, big data, genetic engineering, biotechnology, machine learning are highly likely to become a threat too. Furthermore, social media and data crowdsourcing have been conflicting with human rights in one too many ways from their day one.

The machines are continually decreasing human worth. The same technologies that might make billions and billions of people economically irrelevant might also make them easier to monitor and control.

Also, the human race’s dependability on these and upcoming technologies is another possible threat of the human race. Many sci-fi movies have grossed millions because of this fear. But we may find ourselves agreeing to a few of these theories. One fascinating view being the Pixar’s dystopia in WALL•E depiction of humans’ tech dependency. Also, with the growing population, the gap between the rich & the poor may furthermore increase.
In its core, problems with using technologies lie in the greed of humans themselves. These technologies are made to help and ease human needs. The too much of anything will destroy whatever it is supposed to take care of. Same goes with the use of technology in our lives.

Other Grinding Technology Threats to Humanity-

  • Malware tools causing havoc to critical systems
  • Genetically Modified Food
  • Radiations through devices
  • Nanotechnology study and self-replicating nanobots.
  • Medical cloning and Agricultural Technologies
  • Nuclear Research and the possibility of a quantum black-hole creation.

The rate with which we are consuming the technology is just not right!
Everything is highly imbalanced

It’s fascinating how everything that we human beings touch starts deteriorating and annihilate or becomes extinct. Almost anything that comes across our radar becomes endangered species. And yet we call ourselves the most humane of all the living beings. Now with our creation, we are becoming a threat to ourselves. Technology is supposed to help those (removed who from here) in need. With this thought, the government everywhere should apply these technologies wisely and also to help those in the 3rd world nations. No nation can fight on its own. Disruptive technologies are set to change the very nature of humanity.

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