4 Use Cases Guide of Artificial Intelligence for Better Customer Experience

Understanding customers and users through artificial intelligence offer the market research industry a strategic shift in direction.

    AI Use Cases for Better Customer Experience
    Published By - Kelsey Taylor

    Artificial Intelligence has, in recent times, become the go-to technology for all the businesses

    Artificial Intelligence i.e., AI has been gaining importance with its broad range of applications. But, what makes AI so vital to the companies these days? This question has various agreeable answers to it.

    Nevertheless, AI is already being executed in numerous fascinating approaches that have magnified and entirely changed the way we do business. Organizations now realise the importance of customer experience in growing their business. AI helps organisations to improve their customer experience in various ways.

    The following is a non-exhaustive list of the ways AI can help with customer experience.


    Customer Service Automation- Chatbots and Virtual Assistants:

    By far Chatbot is the most popular term, according to Google Trends. We use virtual assistants in the form of Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Home.

    Also, these are some perfect examples of how Customer Service through AI can be made comfortable, enjoyable and always trendy.

    Automated customer support can efficiently provide 24/7 assistance and furthermore, reduce the cost of human support representatives.

    Their higher accuracy rate in minimal time makes them the most sought out way to handle customer ’s queries & complaints.

    Customer Insights:

    With every interaction with AI, whether it is Amazon Echo for the weather report or a virtual assistant help you take for advice and directions, you leave little breadcrumbs of data.

    This data create trails for companies to gain insights and thus generates better knowledge of your preferences, buying habits and more.

    Your business can achieve Optimal customer experience when you remember each customer on a practical and personal parameter too.

    That way the attention and consideration they seek while opting for your service and product magnifies ten times.


    Randomly generated offers helps no one’s business in this era. Modern customers expect their needs and want to be tailored even before their demand.

    However, personalising the experiences of every single individual in your target is highly time-consuming and complicated for humans.

    This is where machine learning & artificial intelligence steps in and saves the day by sifting through thousands and millions of breadcrumbs of data. Hence, creates a better-personalised experience for every customer.

    Better and Useful Predictions and Omnichannel experiences:

    Understanding customers and users through artificial intelligence offer the market research industry a strategic shift in direction.

    Many companies like Spotify use AI to gain smarter customer insights to improve future experiences.

    Their AIs predict what customers may want or not want in the future and even the upcoming trends to various extent.

    This might likewise help businesses in sampling and serving a similar type of new customers while recommending them your services or a particular product.

    In the ‘almost here future’, our apps and devices will know when our daily goods may run low and deliver them to us when automated. Like self-driving cars using our past behaviours to predict and optimise daily commutes and road trips while giving some useful futuristic suggestions.

    So, the fact is that AI is everywhere in the future of customer experience. Gartner indicates in its research that “89% of businesses will compete mostly on customer experience in a few years from now.”

    Furthermore, about 38% of businesses are using and working hand in hand with AI in the customer service department, and by the end of 2018, the number will increase by 62%.

    So, this is not just a passing trend of the day. In no time, Artificial intelligence is becoming the heart of the industry.

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