5 Ways Automation Can Accelerate Event Growth

Scaling your event big or small doesn’t require crazy investment and burgeoning complexity. What it does require is more efficiency!

5 Ways Automation Can Accelerate Event Growth
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Scaling your event big or small doesn’t require crazy investment and burgeoning complexity.

What it does require is more efficiency! efficiency in an event means to optimise time in every way possible. It means spending your assets in the correct direction. If you go in a correct direction, event growth is inevitable.

An event in most cases needs marketing efforts. A successful and fruitful event hosting requires months of preparation. Most importantly, event management requires much multi-tasking which is readily achievable through event-driven automation.

Here are 5 ways Automation can accelerate Event growth:


Scheduling using Automation ensure that work is not forgotten, delayed or run out of sequence, that work is completed successfully, that the input data is correct, and is well processed.

Automate event publishing so that the team can schedule events early. By handling the administrative work behind the scenes, automation software frees them to work on prioritising the event optimally. Before proper screening and total approval, nothing goes live.


The person dealing with operations needs excellent tech knacks. He got to have the ability to understand the intricacies of an operating system and to analyse and solve problems as they arise. That may include some of the dullest and repetitive tasks which tend to create more human errors. This way they can look into other pressing tasks well.

However, when you remove the monotonous factors, you eliminate most humanly errors. To reduce these repetitive, labour-intensive exercises automation solutions provides backup and recovery, job scheduling, performance tuning, and console message management.

Event Personalization

You get more desirable feedback when an attendee feels acknowledged. They respond better to personalised communications, but that may take an unreasonable amount of time if every customisation is taken into account. With event automation tools if appropriately selected, it can enable event coordinators to manage session availability while enabling guests to customise schedules. There are automation tools that also enables event-coordinators to control session availability while allowing guests to create their schedules.

Search for an ‘event management platform’ that permits both self-scheduled and automated event appointments. These features considerably upgrade experience throughout the event by engaging attendees, strengthing connections, and growing business.

Social Media Marketing

You need to automate your organic social media marketing. In this era, manual social media management is just not doable. Also, you don’t need to open up different tabs and work your brains out in their analysis and different analytical procedures. A good event-Automator helps you do the same in no time without wearing up your brain.

It is vital to save time and also keep up with the correct social media platforms trends and platforms. Many automation tools, such as HootSuite lets you schedule all of your social feeds simultaneously.

Instead of logging in and out of various social media platforms numerous times a day, your event marketing team can use its precious hours to strategise new event growth levers.

Lead Intelligence and Cost-Effectiveness

Attendee data from the events are used to make over their behaviours and feedbacks into engagement statistics and interest scores. That can be used to optimise your sales and marketing follow-up. This is important to scale your technology, by using automation. It helps to gather more insights and direct your event to the right audience.

It’s also a great way to minimise your event marketing costs. Thus, allowing your enterprise to optimally work and use resources on generating leads, rather than carrying out monotonous approaches that can be readily automated. Automation earns its event growth uncomplicatedly and cost-effective, particularly when it comes to customer service.

Automation for any work or event is very simple to use. Once everything is connected, you or your team can view and manage the entire event schedules and projects. You can access automation tools via pretty much any device. Quick resource allocation and the ease of revising and improving your schedules saves you time. You can track the whole event history of and for your clients, staff and other resources. Once inputted, it’s never gone, till you manually do so and always available for viewing and reporting.

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