5 Easy Ways To Turn Bad Customer Experience into an Asset

Some of the key steps to cater to a dissatisfied customer include: making it easy for the customer to reach out, leveraging social media, staying in touch with customers & a few more.

5 Ways to Cater Bad Customer Experiences & Turn them to Valuable Asset
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Every company faces bad customer experiences since no one is perfect. The main challenge, however, is addressing these bad customer service experiences. Furthermore, converting them into an overall satisfactory experience is enough for the customer to not turn it into an absolute PR nightmare for the company. With the power of social media, customers have become the ideal messengers. That is why a good advertising platform for a company. But the same can act as a double-edged sword, resulting in turning the social media platform into a complaint book for the whole world to see.

Thus, we are here to help you understand how to cater to bad customer experiences and convert them into a valuable asset.

How to Convert a Customer into an Asset

You might think it is some rocket science. But honestly, all it takes is noticing small things which matter in the big picture. Here are some ways discussed below: 

Make it easy for the customer to reach out

Many customers have the qualm that it takes quite an effort to reach out to their service providers for the resolution of their problems. If you as a company want to provide your customers with a good experience, understand them. Also, make it easy for them to reach out to you, then be it via communication channels, social media, or any other means. If any customer has a problem, they reach out to you and you can solve it. This entire interaction counts towards providing a good customer experience.

Understand what can be solved with automation

There are some customers which rely on the human touch, and if you are serving in that demographic and employ an AI-based chatbot, you might be unknowingly providing the worst customer service ever. The solution, know your customer demographic inside-out. If you are in the tech business, interacting with a lot of technology guys, AI chatbot would be great. But if you are working in the customer service industry, then the human touch works best.

Leverage social media

How many businesses are out there serving customers day in and out, but how many of them are really using the power of social media? Customer who are happy, post good reviews on it, but the bad ones are what you must really be worried about. But it is not game over at the moment, there is always an opportunity to turn things around in your favour, as well as earn brownie points by doing it publicly, resulting in substantially high good PR visibility.

Stay in touch with your customers

Once served doesn’t mean the relationship is over. There is a lot more you can do to make your relationship with every customer stronger. Reach out to them for feedback. Keep them informed of all the new changes that have been made in your company for them. Take such simple steps and avoid a lot of bad customer service consequences. If any customer had a bad experience with your service, inform them as to what you have changed to not repeat the same experience for them again. This can entice them to give your establishment another chance. This can turn out to be a good conversion from a bad customer experience to a valuable asset.

Enable the right people at the right time

It is important to understand the role of people in a customer experience. The person in charge, especially the managers need to be capable to understand human emotions, and be empathetic toward them, yet should be able to manage their resources well. A good manager can avoid bad customer experiences and bring in good feedback. But, a bad manager can do the complete opposite.

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