AI and Chatbots changing the Face of Digital Marketing

There are various new digital marketing strategies and trends that are evolving in today’s high-tech or internet-connected era.

AI and Chatbots changing the Face of Digital Marketing
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

As 2019 is taking a step closer, the digital marketing platform that comprises of SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media and more is witnessing a vivid shift. There are various new digital marketing strategies and trends that are evolving in today’s high-tech or internet-connected era. Organizations now need to embrace them to achieve their desired business outcomes because things that worked for you this year may not work in the next.

How Artificial Intelligence is modifying the ways of Digital Marketing

With the ability to adapt and effective data analysis, AI can easily predict the decisions and buying behaviour of your target customers. Therefore, helping you to understand your audience better. AI is taking over the human’s function of determining marketing trends. Marketers and brands are powering AI in digital marketing to save both resources and time.

Using AI data and algorithms, you can provide your customers what they actually need and can automate various repetitive tasks. It will not only amplify user experience but will also increase productivity. This can help you end the guesswork and will lead to more effective marketing.

By implementing Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing strategies will help you reach out to the right audience with deals they can’t refuse which will eventually increase the Return over Investment (ROI).

Chatbots increasing engagement in digital marketing

Chatbots qualifies and segments traffic which turns the interested visitor or customers into leads. They’re often used to gain customer insights to increase the engagement. Furthermore, chatbots are so well designed that it can acknowledge and can give the answer to all the possible queries a consumer can have.

Many consumers prefer to communicate with chatbots as they are flexible, responses promptly and accurately. Above all, they’re familiar with your entire buying history. These virtual assistants offer remarkable customer service. They meet the customer’s expectations and automates the repetitive tasks. With real-time interaction, chatbots can convert visitors to customers.

Benefits of having chatbots in digital marketing strategies:

  • Improves user experience
  • Reduce customer wait time
  • Accurate management
  • 24*7 service available
  • No need for a live representative
  • Increases traffic flow


2019 is going to be the year about better customer experience. Using AI and chatbots in digital marketing strategies will help you understand your audience better which will eventually lead to an improved customer experience. Effective marketing is the key to stay ahead in the business and to increase the conversion rates in the coming year.

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