Language Localization Service: What Is It And Why Is It Needed?

Language localisation service doesn’t mean to translate from one language to the other. It is the process of adjusting a product’s properties to suit...

Language localization Service: What is it and why is it needed?
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Localization service is important for brands to appeal to their audience. It is the process of adjusting a product’s properties to suit the requirements of the locale where it is to be launched in terms of its language, culture, and political and legal scenario.

Language Localization Service Definition

Language localization is process of adapting the product in the language suited to the particular culture and geographical location/market. It doesn’t just mean to translate from one language to the other. In this, the focus is on communicating rather than repurposing. It is often referred to by the numeronym “L10N”, signifying L followed by 10 letters and ending with N.

Localization process is the translation and cultural adaptation of software, games, and websites as well as audio, video or other multimedia. It is less frequently used for written translation. Localization can be done differently for different regions which speak the same language. For instance; Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium speak different dialects of German with different idioms as well.

Translation vs. Localization

There is a thin line between localization and translation. Translation includes grammar and spelling issues which vary by the geographical locations. Localization deals more with significant, non-textural components of products or services. It addresses other aspects such as adapting graphics, using appropriate date and time formats, adopting the local currency, choices of colors, and cultural references amongst many other details.

Why is localization important?

The need to communicate and connect with your audience is the main reason to adopt language localization services. While targeting a global audience, you should have well thought about strategy and a proper hold of the communication with your target audience. This is where localization comes into the picture. Without it, you won’t be able to connect with your customers and would eventually end up in losses.

But is what is localization strategy and how to go about it? It is the strategy that companies use to market their product in each region it operates in. Language localization is a significant part of this process.

Language localization is a mandatory service which you must invest in if you want to boost your sales, be a global hit and have a better ROI since it deals with the needs of all geographical locations separately. Through it’s the adoption, your business will be better able to connect with your customers and thus give your business an additions boost.

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