Customer Engagement – What do your Consumers Expect from You

A customer engagement strategy is just as important as acquisition for a company. The process of establishing, nurturing, managing and maintaining...

Customer Engagement – What do your Consumers Expect from You | HiTechNectar
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

While your marketing efforts might get you a vast client base, it is customer engagement that ensures their loyalty. An engagement strategy is just as important as acquisition for a company. The relationship with a customer starts at the point where he/she downloads the app, signs up in a form or makes a purchase.

The process of establishing, nurturing, managing and maintaining relationships with the customers is called customer engagement.

The entire point of customer engagement is to ensure loyalty and increase brand value. The businesses who focus on engagement are focused on value creation and not merely revenue extraction.

Why is Customer Engagement important?

Acquisition costs can go 3 to 4 times higher than those for retention. Once lost, the consumers are not much likely to return to the same brand again or recommend it to anyone else.

Studies have shown that people tend to return to the companies who try to develop some relation with them to make them feel connected. People who receive feed backs and timely replies from companies are more likely to make purchases from the same company. This helps in growing a loyal consumer following as well as growing the brand value and getting a good market reputation.

Customer Engagement strategy

Customer engagement is not just a thought process but a set of tangible touch points that can benefit both, the consumer and the organization.

Here, I have tried to list down some of the customer engagement examples which you could incorporate in your marketing efforts:

  • Customer Experience (CX) is the priority

    CX gives marketers a way to increase satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Consumers are ready to pay a bit more for a product if they get good experience and service with a brand.

  • Give your brand a human touch

    It is important to understand that every consumer wants to know that you understand their needs. Giving a slight human touch to your interactions will ensure they feel valued.

  • An active social media

    Social media is a great platform to engage your audience with your brands. But you need to understand where to draw the line.

  • Personalize Your communications

    Personalization need not always refer to complex algorithms providing suggestions but could mean something as simple as emails on birthdays.

  • Creating Useful content

    People are more likely to buy from a certain brand if they provide the users with informational content. This could include blog, instructional videos, etc.

  • Listen to what people have to say

    Social media can also be used as a way to listen to and respond to consumer complaints and provide redressals.

Companies have started realizing the importance of customer engagement. It is moving beyond the realm of traditional or retail products. If implemented efficiently, it could lift up the brands many notches.

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