Top 15 Customer Communication Tools

Top 15 Customer Communication Tools

Businesses need to have a strong medium to communicate with their audiences. Customer Communication Tools are one of the ways to reach the target audiences.

In this article, we will learn about the top customer communication tools along with the importance of having one.

Top 15 Customer Communication Tools

What are Marketing Communication Tools?

Marketing Communication is a technique to convey messages in a unique and creative manner to audiences. Marketing Communication Tools help businesses further their agendas and target existing and potential customers.

Marketing Communication Tools help organizations create awareness to support sales efforts of products, services, or solutions. There can be various channels through which these tools communicate with the target audiences.

It is important for a business to choose the right tools. Hence here are a few things to remember before choosing the right one.

Why is it important to have one?

Gartner states, an effective customer communication tool allows:

  • 19% higher market premium.
  • 57% higher shareholder returns.
  • 4.5 times more likely to report high levels of employee engagement.
  • 20% more likely to report a lower turnover.

Before choosing the tools, we need to understand the “WHY.”  Businesses need to know the importance of having the right Marketing Communication Tool.

  • A strong customer communication tool helps businesses build strategies. The right tool assists the decision-makers, management, and marketing experts leverage various opportunities.
    Once a company defines its target audience, all they need to do is devise a plan to highlight their products, services, and solutions. It can either include promoting or creating awareness about the brand.
  • Brand recall is a very important term in any business. If your brand has a strong recall value you have a stronghold in the market.
    Customers, consumers, and clients pass by multiple brands every day. Businesses need to create a strategy to constantly remind audiences of their existence.
    Customer Communication Tools help businesses create awareness about the brand. The right tool also encourages businesses to adopt strategies that generate both awareness and recall for the brand.
  • A market is a vast place. A business’s target audience may already be loyal to other brands.
    Here, businesses need to leverage the right customer communication tool. The tool can help divert audiences from the competition or alternative brands.
    This not only helps create awareness but also proves a competitive advantage.
  • A marketing communication tool does not just work for end-users or clients. The right set of tools also attract investors.
    When the business is able to communicate its agendas in the right manner, it opens up new opportunities for other businesses to invest, collaborate or merge.

Tips for choosing the best customer communication tools for your business:

Here are a few tips to choose the right customer communication tools.

  • It is important to choose a solution that caters to all or most vital business agendas. 
  • It is significant to choose a tool that is flexible and can be easily used by an entire team. 
  • It is vital to choose a solution that provides security. It helps when your business works with financial, healthcare, educational, insurance, or any coveted information.
  • The solution must be scalable and should adapt to any changes or requirements that may occur.
  • The solution must provide excellent customer support for any issues or queries that may come up.
  • It is important for the customer communication tools to provide features that will not just work for a business’s present needs but also prepare for the future.

Top 15 Customer Communication Tools


Freshdesk is a free, cloud-based, and one-stop-shop solution to serve customers and business needs. It is a single customer engagement platform.

It supports businesses of all sizes and industries. It engages with customers over emails, phone, chat, social media, etc.

It automates and streamlines complicated workflows. Its no-code bots offer services to solve customer queries.

Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center recognized Freshdesk as a visionary customer service platform.


MailChimp is an all-in-one customer communication tool. It helps businesses with the right solution and guidance to reach their ultimate goal.

It provides world-class technology and support. From launching, building, and growing a business to meeting expectations, MailChimp has a plan for all.

MailChimp is currently working with over 13 million small businesses. It has a 24/7 customer support team and can be integrated with more than 250 applications and tools.


Intercom is an intelligent and robust business messenger solution. It provides complete solutions to businesses which makes it a great customer communication tool.

It provides a live chat option along with bots, apps, and product tours. It helps businesses build strong relationships with customers.

It provides solutions for agendas like customer support, engagement, and effective marketing. Today, Intercom is associated with more than 30,000 businesses including Shopify, AWS, IBM, Udemy, etc.


HelpCrunch is an email automation and creation software platform. It streamlines work by syncing multiple communication channels in one solution.

It is highly interactive and customizable due to its live chat creation feature. It is an all-in-one customer communication tool for customer engagement and lead generation.

HelpCrunch has a 4.8/5 rating from more than 500 customers on Capterra, G2, Product Hunt, and other review platforms. It provides a 14 day free trial for businesses with no advance payment information required.


Chatfuel is a high-performing and no-code Facebook Messenger chatbot. It has a global team dedicated to creating easy and powerful chatbots for Facebook and Instagram. 

Chatfuel was founded in 2015 for brands to leverage conversational commerce on Social Media platforms. Now, it sends more than a billion messages each month and is associated with over 7 million businesses including Adidas, Lego, Leeds Beckett University, HelloFresh, etc. 


SproutSocial is a customer segmentation solution by tapping into social media aspects. It organizes, categorizes, prioritizes, and segments information.

It segregates data to manage potential leads, clients, and regular user information. It helps keep a track of new market trends by dividing audiences’ interests and priorities.

It helps create strong marketing strategies for social media and gain actionable insight. SproutSocial currently helps over 25000 global brands and organizations of a variety of sizes. 


Vision6 is one of the most trusted SMS and email marketing tools for customer engagement. It was founded back in 2001 to assist marketers and agencies communicate effectively with customers.

It provides its customers with free webinars, training, blogs, and email marketing metric reports to track their success. The platform serves thousands of customers from small businesses, government agencies, banking and finance firms, etc.

Vision6 supports the community and has registered itself to become a climate-neutral platform with Climate Active. It currently hosts one of the largest  Email Marketing Summit EMSA for fellow marketers in the southern hemisphere.


ProofHub is an effective project management software. It helps with marketing projects and team collaboration all under one roof.

It assists teams by easily collaborating, planning, and organizing agendas to deliver projects. It is easy to understand and provides ultimate control over multiple teams and projects.

ProofHub currently works with more than 85000 teams from organizations like Netflix, NASA, TripAdvisor, Accord, etc.

According to Jason Chong, Accord, “ProofHub has become one of our day-to-day co-working partners. ProofHub has really helped us in managing an effective two-way communication platform, between our team and clients.”


MobileMonkey is a next-level Messenger marketing tool. It is one of the craftiest customer communication tools that manages messages on one platform.

MobileMonkey’s OmniChat is a revolutionary chatbot in marketing technology. It is a multi-platform chatbot builder that unifies chats from various platforms.

According to Niel Patel, “MobileMonkey is the only platform that allows marketers to make Facebook ad bots, SMS bots, and native webchat bots in one place.” He goes on to state the impact of OmniChat and why businesses should apply it: 

  • Chat messages have an open rate of 50-80% in the first hour
  • Facebook messages have a click-through rate of 20%
  • Facebook ads with chatbots have a conversion rate of 3x-5x higher than traditional Facebook ads
  • Facebook Messenger ad CPA costs 30x-50x less than other Facebook ad campaigns


MonkeyLearn is a machine learning-based customer response tracking tool. It trains custom machine learning models for customer retention.

It automates the process of ticket tagging for the support team, includes product roadmaps with insights for product and customer management teams, and trains text analysis models for developers.

According to Guillaume Cabane, VP Growth at Drift, “Working with MonkeyLearn allowed us to quickly and easily create a new feature for our customers, without having to dedicate internal resources or spend months on custom development.” is one of the most efficient customer communication tools. It enables businesses to connect with customers over multiple platforms.

It is a solution developed by Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations to unify messages from multiple channels. It gathers messages into one conversation and builds an interactive messaging experience for customers.

“When it came to building a global messaging solution that would connect guests with our colleagues on the property, we wanted to ensure that our guests had the ability to message us on their preferred channel and in their preferred language. Sunshine Conversations was the only platform that met all of our global requirements, and allowed us to provide a truly personalized service that is safe and secure.”

Marco Trecroce, Senior VP & CIO at Four Seasons.


TrueDialog is one of the leading customer communication tools in mass text messaging. It is a solution originally built for large businesses and simplified for small ventures. 

It is a platform that offers mass texting features at half the price. It has been in the business for more than a decade with features like ISO 9001 database, 99.9 % uptime, direct carrier features, and much more. 

It enables users to schedule and sequence texts. It can send a single text to more than 1 million customers at once. 


TapeACall is an easy tool to record and share phone conversations on the iPhone. All users simply need to press the “Record” button on the app for it to work.

It is the number one business app in 35 countries that offers multiple features at a lower cost. It allows the recording of a 3-way conference call.

The recorded conversations are shared via email, text, or on social media. It helps businesses to gain feedback, record podcasts to reach potential customers, or to simply keep a record of internal conversations for reference.

TapeACall currently has more than 4 million active users. According to Business Insider, “Whether you’re interviewing someone for an upcoming story or taking minutes for a big conference call, you may find yourself having to record a conversation. In three easy steps, TapeACall allows you to securely record any phone call.”


Content Snare is efficient information and content collection tool. It helps businesses easily organize content and collect documents.

It helps businesses plan and organizes information, files, and documents from clients and business associates. It helps agencies and freelancers save critical time and maximize profitability.

According to Paul Lacey, Dickiebirds Studio, “It creates a common ground for the client and the designer to manage content without any confusion about responsibility. It empowers your client to genuinely understand the requirements of the design and content model concept. It gives the client the responsibility with full clarity that their content generating role has a deadline and impact on the project.”


HelpScout is a one-stop customer service platform for businesses. It connects organizations to customers via emails or live chats.

It helps businesses enhance customer experience with its warm and inviting designs. IT manages multiple teams and integrates with over 50 tools. 

It helps with customer engagement and conversions using its real-time chat feature to solve any issues or queries. Today, HelpScout is associated with over 12000 businesses across 140 countries.


Customer Communication tools have helped businesses from multiple industries. It has helped organizations build trust not just among target audiences and customers but also shareholders and potential investors.


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