Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications Explained

Create a distinctive image, stand out from your competitors, and perfect your branding strategy.

    Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications Explained
    Published By - Kelsey Taylor

    Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) assures the linking of all communications and messages delivered across multiple channels by combining all the related tools compatibly into one solution.

    All the promotional tools are securely integrated to give a better and smoother performance. It provides an integrated platform of all the much needed promotional tools in a simpler manner.

    This marketing approach helps you deliver your unique message to not just one but all the required channels and modes of networking linked to your company.

    Integrated marketing communications goes beyond basic needs. IMC provides automation supporting multiple levels of integration; data integration, horizontal integration, vertical integration, internal integration, and external integration.

    Importance of Integrated Marketing Communications in Businesses

    Companies, big or small, scuffle with managing and monitoring the ever-expanding data and network. At a certain point, it is challenging to align your growing business with your employees and growing needs for the systems and processes.

    So, to form a concrete system that could keep automated backups, it is necessary to keep all your data in a properly defined workflow, which is not redundant.

    Imagine having one platform for all your advertisements, business mailing, social media, sales promotion, telemarketing, monitoring competitors, mobile marketing, and so on.

    IMC is that constant and reliable support, that your business needs for proper brand management while keeping you up with the trends.

    With IMC, businesses effectively plan communications and give your campaigning programs a better result in a simultaneous and customized manner.

    It provides all the possible channels your business may desire to connect to the target audience with low marketing costs. You see a visible reduction in your marketing cost and time consumption.  

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    Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

    IMC helps you keep an eye on the budget and other resource requirements beforehand. It becomes easier to see what is consuming your inventory and at what rate it is transforming the growth.

    IMC promotes unified marketing solutions making your efforts visible on multiple platforms- all digital channels (including social media).

    Regardless of your other priorities, teams, and their timings, IMC shares the intended content while eliminating any inconsistencies. Develops awareness on all platforms through web and mobile marketing.

    Figure out the correct techniques to rely on and what trends to follow. Adapting new technologies without any analysis and checking on its requirement creates redundancy and over- automation complexities.  

    Know and monitor your competition and improve your content by directing your marketing efforts accordingly.

    Stay relevant to all of your audiences individually. Know your audience’s behavior through insights on multiple levels, such as your audience’s age, gender, education, geography, job function, and so on.

    Avoid duplication and excessive marketing. IMC furthermore supports quality research and data driving strategy.

    Segment your audience and section your content based on these points. This is more likely to charm your audience than any traditional marketing strategy.

    As of now, it must be clear that everything the IMC does; supports your branding image and reinforces customer loyalty.

    Create a distinctive image, stand out from your competitors, and perfect your branding strategy.

    An integrated platform gives you a clear overall view of your marketing results. This helps in developing your next marketing objective and strategy.

    Keep a good eye on the flow of communication between the various channels, and see which is more effective for your product.

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