Top Collaboration Tools for Businesses in 2021

Top Collaboration Tools for Businesses in 2024

The secret to running a successful business is smooth communication between teams. Collaboration tools work towards the same agenda for businesses. 

The right set of collaboration tools plays a key role in maintaining harmony among teams and processes for expanding businesses and their horizons. In this article, we will learn about the top collaboration tools for businesses.

Top Collaboration Tools for Businesses in 2024

What are Collaboration Tools?

The word collaboration is defined as individuals or groups working together and benefiting from the partnership. Collaboration tools are technological tools that are used to help teams, processes, and businesses work together to achieve a common objective. 

In order to understand the role of collaboration tools in businesses, we need to dwell on the concept. Here we can have a look at the features that the tools offer, the types, and the importance in the business.

Let us begin to understand the features that collaboration tools offer for businesses.

Features and Capabilities of Collaboration Tools

  • Integration:

The main feature of collaboration tools is to offer business integration. Tasks are run across the business and various teams to meet common goals.

It is important that these teams have smooth communication as most of the time they depend on one another. Online collaboration tools help different teams access information and progress regarding a particular task.

Business collaboration tools also provide built-in messaging features to keep communication and updates on one platform. The ability to communicate in real time can lead to a harmonious process and improve productivity.

  • Interactive Interface:

Often a project demands teams to expand and invite new members. Here, employees or new joiners need to be trained thoroughly for more productivity.

More than 50 % of the training is handled when teams have the opportunity to learn and work with an intuitive collaboration tool. It creates an impression on employees and makes them independent.

It also helps when there are two very different departments collaborating on a project. It helps these teams to easily train and onboard the collaboration tool for the business.

  • Security: 

When teams work together on a project or a task, they are bound to share critical information. It is a very important feature that guarantees the security of the data shared within the organization.

The best collaboration tools ensure security for business regardless of its size or industry. Advanced collaboration tools also offer multi-factor authentication (MFA) to the business.

  • Task Management:

Managing tasks across business verticals is one of the major capabilities of a collaboration tool. Users and teams can check the progress of tasks on a single platform. 

The feature provides an overview of the deadlines, conversations, shared files, pending tasks, etc. It enables team members to support one another and delegate tasks accordingly.

The task management feature helps prioritize urgent and important tasks. It helps the team manage time on tasks and provide reports on the same.

  • Project Management:

Businesses run on multiple projects to meet their objectives. There are multiple tasks performed for various projects across departments.

It is important to maintain records of all the projects and the tasks it involves. It is the most important feature that a collaboration tool offers.

Project management heavily depends on task management modules. The feature tracks the progress of tasks and ensures the right resources are deployed for their execution.

Types of Collaboration Tools

There are different types of collaboration tools that help businesses facilitate group work or projects. Here are the common types of Collaboration Tools for businesses.

  • Communication Technology:

Communication Technology is the first “C” in collaboration tools. As indicated, communication tools help build and encourage conversations in an organization.

Communication tools include messages, email, chat, or any conversation between employees and team members working on the same task or project. It may also include users from different locations or projects who participate in unstructured conversations. 

  • Conferencing Technology:

The second “C” in collaboration tools is the Conferencing Technology. It is defined by two major features:

    • Conferencing tools allow users to interact with one another in real time. It uses online or digital platforms for communication.
    • Conferencing tools offer users the feature to perform presentations to a group of clients or investors.

Conferencing tools are strictly used for workplace objectives. It may take place through video, document-sharing, digital whiteboards, applications, etc.

  • Coordination Technology:

Last but not least, Coordination Technology. It is the final “C” in collaboration tools. 

It is a holistic type of collaboration tool, best known for integrating teamwork and task work. It plays an important role in connecting individual members and teams to coordinate their work and tasks assigned. 

It especially helps interdependent teams and members to manage end-to-end workflow and provide efficiency. Coordination tools work with E-calendars, trackers, ERP software, etc.

Why is Workplace Collaboration Important?

Workplace collaboration is the coordination among members and teams for a business. An organization has employees of different skill sets, experiences, and backgrounds.

Here is the Importance of Workplace Collaboration:

  • Workplace collaboration aims to bring the unique offerings of different members and utilize them to expand horizons. It also works towards improving the competent skills of the individual by providing them with opportunities.
  • It creates a great balance among team members. It helps them learn from each other by performing tasks that require multiple skill sets.
  • Successful businesses promote collaboration among teams. It helps make the team more flexible and gives an overview of different processes.
  • Businesses always welcome new ideas from employees to make them feel included. When an individual works with a different team, they have an overview that can help generate ideas and provide newer perspectives.
  • Workplace Collaboration can also lead to enhanced productivity skills. It helps teams build individuals for multitasking abilities and confidence in their own expertise.
  • Workplace collaborations also create a sense of healthy competition among members or teams. It allows them to evaluate their performance and work towards their own personal goal which also contributes to the team as well as the business.

Top 15 Collaboration Tools for Business in 2024:


Slack is a smart collaboration tool. It allows users to send instant messages and share files over desktop and mobile applications.

It allows users to organize their conversations into various channels. It also integrates with platforms like Google Docs, Box, and Dropbox. 

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is an online meeting and collaboration platform that enhances organizational collaboration experiences. It allows easy conduction of video meetings, sharing screens in meetings, recording and sharing meetings, as well as protecting and moderating meetings.

This application is easy to use and provides enhanced security. With high scalability, it is affordable as well. Its pricing model doesn’t have any hidden price. The best feature of Zoho Meeting is it offers 24*7 support.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is primarily a project management software that helps organizations manage their projects more efficiently while collaborating with each other. It offers a wide range of features such as live chat, task tracking, milestone tracking, expense tracking, timesheet recording, and task automation.

Its user-centric interface makes the platform flexible to track and manage projects. Here, junior employees can easily collaborate with their seniors in the discussion sector to solve project-related issues.

Zoho Projects allows third-party integration, which makes it more efficient for companies to process multiple software at a time. It has the ability to plan, design, develop, and review projects on a single platform, making it a convenient collaboration tool.


GoToMeeting is a video conferencing collaboration tool. It is a platform that allows users to schedule virtual meetings and share screens for presentations.

It is an easy-to-use web conferencing tool to connect remote teams for meetings. It also allows businesses to host webinars and conferences.


ProofHub is one of the best online collaboration tools for project management. It helps businesses to streamline multiple projects.

It helps organize, manage, and monitor files as well as projects. It helps teams and businesses collaborate and deliver projects on time.

It eliminates communication gaps with built-in chat apps. Its Kanban boards and Gantt charts help enhance the performance of the team.

Google Docs.

Google offers a number of cloud-based collaboration tools for the business. Google Docs just like its other collaboration tools is free of cost.

It allows multiple participants to edit and work on various documents for a project. Participants with an invitation to the documents or access to the account, can easily and simultaneously edit the document, leave comments, and share information.


MindMeister is a creative project management collaboration tool for the business. It enables teams and individuals to plan, manage and strategize projects for the business.

It is a go-to platform for businesses looking for innovative environments for brainstorming and planning. It uses visual representations or mind maps to organize tasks and projects.


Evernote is a collaboration tool to note and jot down ideas, events, projects, and tasks. It helps individuals and teams to plan and record details of a project.

It syncs with multiple devices and accounts. It allows multiple users to contribute ideas towards a task or a project.


GitHub is one of the most recommended collaboration tools for businesses in programming and IT. It is a Microsoft platform to help teams build solutions.

GitHub offers a web-based graphical interface. It enables users to easily monitor changes with its Gists feature. 


Skype is another recommended collaboration tool offered by Microsoft. It is an instant messaging and calling app. 

It allows users to participate in video and audio calls. Users can also access the accounts through multiple devices.

The collaboration tool helps businesses, teams, and members to share files, share screens for presentations, and discuss projects over calls.


Flock is one of the best communication collaboration tools for a business. It is a great alternative for solutions like Skype and Slack.

A business selects Flock over other collaboration tools as it is much faster. It enhances the productivity of teams and is one of the best collaboration tools in the market.


Nextiva provides VoIP(Voice-over-Internet Protocol) collaboration tools for small businesses. It offers complete phone services to businesses with employees in multiple locations.

It is a reliable communication collaboration tool for businesses with remote workers. It allows users to manage call traffic using the internet and can establish a cloud-based call center.

Filestage the collaboration tools

Filestage is an online collaboration tool used in businesses to review content. It is one of the most intuitive collaboration tools for businesses that manage projects and collect feedback from clients and stakeholders.

It allows internal and external members of the project to leave feedback on videos, images, PDF documents, and other files. It allows users to review or approve changes and updates in real time.


Trello is one of the most effective collaboration tools for businesses. It helps organize tasks and create separate boards for different projects.

Trello is an intuitive collaborative tool that helps with deadline reminders and email notifications on a project. It easily integrates with other collaborative tools like Evernote, Google Docs, GitHub, Slack, etc. to provide a business with a unique experience.


Asana is one of the well-known collaboration tools for business in the market. It helps teams organize, manage, track, and prioritize tasks and projects.

It provides features like video calls, project monitoring, to-do lists, etc. It is one of the collaboration tools that offer free solutions to businesses.


In 2022, the market size of business collaboration tools reached $16.1 billion. It is expected to grow up to $52.9 billion by 2032 at a 12% CAGR.

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