Top 13 Tools for Communication While Working Remotely

Top Remote Communication Tools
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Covid-19 has rendered teams to work remotely and connect virtually. Good communication tools have become important for remote teams.

Training, meetings, and discussions are done through remote communication tools. The remote communication tools have not just helped businesses connect with employees, but also have helped employees adapt to technologies.

Organizations now heavily depend on these communication tools to connect with employees. The remote communication tools have made the process for projects and daily tasks easier and smoother.

Let’s delve into the top tools remote teams use to communicate, connect, and be more productive.

Here are the Top 13 Tools for Communication While Working Remotely


Zoom is a popular video conferencing platform. Remote teams often use it to run official meetings.

Businesses also invest in the tool for webinars and training. It is also one of the better substitutes for face-to-face or one-on-one meetings.

It is a free tool, to begin with, and has the feature to record and store meetings for future references. It is an ideal tool for video conferencing, in-conference chat, screen-sharing, and call recording.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative communication tool often used by remote teams for instant messaging. The tool is recommended for large teams that handle multiple projects.

It enables smooth communication for remote teams as compared to other tools. It allows users to chat effectively, create different channels and run day-to-day correspondence.

Microsoft Teams is one of the tools that help manage employees and their tasks. It allows integrations with other Microsoft tools.

It works great for companies that often use Microsoft products and solutions for their business. It allows teams to connect over chat, audio calls and can also schedule meetings using outlook.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another popular remote communication tool. It is simple to use and is easier to integrate with Gmail and other Google App accounts.

Google Hangouts is one of the best tools for teams for remote communication. It is suitable for companies of all team sizes, projects, and industries.

It allows both messaging and video calls for remote teams to communicate effectively. Being a Google solution, it is easily accessible from Gmail for personal and professional use.


Slack is a remote communication tool similar to Microsoft Teams. It is one of the best remote communication tools for teams due to its intuitive UX.

Many remote teams use the tool as a virtual headquarters for communication, sharing files, and integrating other tools. Slack’s sleek and modern interface makes it an ideal tool for teams of all sizes.

Slack is an easy-to-install tool. It also integrates with other remote communication tools like Zoom, Github, and GoogleDrive.


Basecamp is one of the most recommended remote team and project communication tools. It is great for managers, teams, freelancers, and agencies. 

It offers simple functionalities, a clean design, and sophisticated usability. It is a tool recommended for managing projects and for team collaborations.

It is one of the best tools for larger teams with multiple ongoing projects and tasks. The features makes it a task management, messaging, file sharing, document management, and project tracking tool. 

Basecamp is one of the effective remote communication tools that help businesses enhance productivity. It helps teams organize projects, offer updates and status on tasks.


FreeConference is a global and free web conferencing tool. Users send and receive links to join scheduled or instant meetings.

It is one of the simplest web conferencing tools used for remote communication. It is a great tool for smaller businesses and freelancers.

It is a good fit for users who need quick and simple web conferencing solutions. Users can easily log in and launch the meeting for free, with no hidden costs.

The remote communication tool is flexible, straightforward, and secure to use.


ClickUp is one of the best project management tools for remote team communications. It is the “One App to replace them all” as it integrates tasks, docs, chats, goals, etc all in one app.

ClickUp helps users, teams, leaders, and managers communicate and collaborate easily. Click Up is also known as the “Future of Work” as it integrates with other remote communication tools like Slack, GitHub, TimeDoctor, etc.

ClickUp offers most of its services for free like unlimited messages, users, etc. Although it has a separate paid plan for added features like unlimited storage, integrations, and advanced reporting features.


GSuite is another one of Google’s effective remote communication tools for collaboration and productivity. It has plenty of web and mobile solutions to offer for collaboration, communication, and file sharing for remote teams.

GSuite offers applications like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc for free. It has limited storage for free users, although the monthly paid plan provides extra storage and more features.


Krisp offers the solution for users who are facing difficulties with background sounds over office calls. Krisp is an AI-powered application that helps eliminate background noises. 

The app is built for Mac, Windows, and iOS users. It simply debars background noises to help users participate in calls wherever they are.

Krisp’s AI technology is so agile that it adapts to the sound of a user’s voice the more they use it. It is one of the most unique and flexible remote communication tools.

Krisp collaborates with more than 600 apps including Zoom, Slack, etc. It is free for users who only require it for a limited amount per week. 


Zapier is one of the best remote communication tools to connect and automate applications. It helps users create an automated workflow and integrates with many tools for efficiency.

Zapier helps the team adhere to the project deadlines by setting reminders and triggers for the tasks. It enhances productivity by reminding the teams of the tasks ahead.


ProofHub is an online project management tool recommended for teams working remotely. It enables teams, users, managers, and leaders to have coherent conversations easily.

ProofHub has many features to help a business. Features like online proofing, coherent and smooth conversations, feedback sharing, etc. for team working remotely.


Instagantt is one of the most robust project management tools used by remote teams for effective communication. It helps users plan, manage, and schedule projects and tasks based on priority.

Instagantt helps remote teams to trace information related to projects. Information and details like deadlines, priorities, estimated time, cost, etc. can be tracked.

Instagantt is the perfect tool for businesses that deal with various clients, projects, teams, and industries.


Trello is another great and popular project management tool. It helps remote working teams to collaborate, manage and efficiently work on projects.

Trello offers a simple and flexible user interface. Teams can customize the platform in multiple unique ways to distinguish projects and tasks.

Trello has a 4.4 /5rating on G2, 8.2 /10 rating on TrustRadius, and 4.5 /5 rating on Capterra. It has over 3000 verified reviews on the rating platforms.


Remote communication tools have become a necessity for most companies. Organizations depend on and trust these tools to run their day-to-day tasks to achieve business goals and objectives.

Organizations use Free, paid, and customizable remote working tools to manage employees, projects, tasks, and teams. 

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