Top 11 AIOps Tools

Top 11 AIOps Tools

When it comes to monitoring and managing modern IT environments, it is imperative that the system be dynamic it should also be hybrid, clustered and componentized. AIOps, a.k.a Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. It is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve IT operations.

AIOps tools help ITOps perform way better than their traditional setting. It also allows DevOps teams to work more efficiently.

AIOps tools help detects any anomalies and resolves them sooner before they impact customers or end-users. IT operations teams need to respond to problems quickly to meet user and customer service level expectations.

Traditional IT solutions cannot keep up with the amount of data that it generates. Traditional solutions can’t sort out essential data from the ‘noise.’ Enters AIOps that provide real-time insight and predictive analysis.

As data analytics and cloud computing have exploded in recent years. AIOps has gone from becoming unordinary to conventional. By 2025, 40% of DevOps teams will use analytical tools with AIOps capabilities, Gartner’s research noted.

It is estimated that the size of the AIOps market is between $300 to $500 million per year and growing.

Are these tools even needed?

AIOps was designed to keep up with the changes in the IT industry. The following are the problems faced by almost all the traditional IT settings and how AIOps helps solve them.

  • Data selection:

99% of the data generated by the IT environment is not relevant. To curb out the significant chunk of this unwanted data, AIOps automates the process and filters out the appropriate data.

  • Pattern Discovery:

Many a time, information that could be useful could skip out from the human eyes. For this reason, the pattern discovery attribute of AIOps is used. By correlating useful information and analyzing them for future purposes.

  • Collaboration:

AIOps help collaborations between different IT teams, by automating specific processes. Also, by notifying managers and groups, and fostering cooperation when a problem arises, and solving them.

  • Automate responses:

AIOps can process results from machine learning to trigger automatic system responses. It solves real-time issues before end-users are even aware of them.

Top 11 AIOps Platforms Software

1. AppDynamics

AppDynamics was founded in 2008, and Cisco bought it in the year 2017. AppDynamics are the world’s #1 Application Performance Monitoring solution and AIOps platform.

Issues are bound to erupt with cloud-native technologies and traditional infrastructure. Hence AppDynamics has a full-stack, business-centric AIOps platform. It helps technologists prevent digital performance issues.

AppDynamics is an AIOps platform that uses AI/ML to give insight, pattern discovery, and attributes to IT technologists.

They have other capabilities such as:

  1. APM Agent Installation and APIs.
  2. Building & Integrating APIs and Extensions.
  3. Browser for Trend review.
  4. Organizational Documentation.

2. OpManager Plus

Accelerate your IT operations with AI and ML-based solutions offered by ManageEngine’s OpManager Plus. It observes the telemetry of organizations, detects issues, identifies particular ways of collaboration, and provides operational resolutions based on the data retrieved from observation. This AIOps tool adopts a proactive approach to recognize weaknesses and resolve them with greater efficiency.

OpManager Plus processes in three major stages-

Observation or Ingestion: Here, the tool tracks and evaluates available data to detect shortcomings.

Engage or Co-relation: In this stage, the collected data is evaluated. IT, DevOps, and SRE management bodies are associated with identifying the probable issues in the organizational infrastructure to provide effective solutions.

Act or Remediation: Here, the tool provides appropriate and fast solutions to the identified challenges. Its remediation process is automated; hence, it saves time and effort.

Gathering data, facilitating AI and ML-based real-time notifications, cross-domain observation and co-relation, in-depth problem analysis, predicting performance measures, etc., are additional features of OpManager Plus.

3. Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise uses ML & AI with multi-site clustering with a platform to drive technology improvements within the firm. Splunk is a software application that enables end-users to gain real-time Operational Intelligence.

Businesses can use Splunk in different departments for:

  • Security
  • Host monitoring
  • Data Intelligence
  • Vulnerability and threat actor collections
  • Correlation, alerting, and much more.

The best part of this tool is that it supports log monitoring on multiple OS platforms. It provides the alerting based on the log information. This helps the organization check numerous anomalies in the systems.

This tool supports the next generation tool and cloud concept. It is imposing to continue monitoring the authentication and many more aspects. It can fetch the details through logs to find the one line among the hundreds of thousands of lines.

 4. Datadog

Datadog is an advanced analytics, security, and cloud platform for developers and various IT teams. It is seen as an open-source AIOps tool as the entry-level price is $0 per host, per month.

Datadog’s specialty is its SaaS platform that automates IT monitoring, application monitoring, and log management. It provides distributed, real-time analytics and visibility of the client’s technology stack.

Datadog can import your entire business into metrics. It monitors and triggers to mitigate any issues and to respond as soon as they arise. Their host map feature is a dream solution for many businesses.

In the dashboard, one can view that EC2 instances in AWS. How they communicate with each other and how much traffic is communicating through each instance. DataDog is one of the best AIOps tools that continually evolves with new releases every year.

5. New Relic

New Relic is one of the top AIOps tools vendors. It focuses on applied intelligence, which aims to detect, understand, focus and solve incidents faster. Through noise reduction, pattern discrepancy reduction, and deeper insights.

New Relic specializes in reporting, and they have multiple detailed reports such as:

  • Availability testing
  • Event logs and event-based reporting
  • Real-time and Transactional monitoring
  • Uptime and downtime reporting

New Relic has recently introduced New Relic’s AI capability it provides features dedicated to AIOps. The New Relic One platform collects necessary information using its agents.

New Relic is available as SaaS, iOS, and Android software. New Relic also has 24*7 online support.

6. BigPanda

BigPanda is an AIOps tool that Gartner suggests. BigPanda AIOps platform helps IT Ops, NOC, and DevOps teams detect and resolve IT problems more quickly and robustly than ever before.

BigPanda is powered by Open Box type Machine Learning. This algorithm correlates IT noise into insights. It automates cluster management and unifies fragmented IT operations.

BigPanda has received 4.0 out of 5 stars by users at G2. The analytics views provide rich data for UX when showing statistics of incident handling and capturing user actions.

Another great advantage of this AIOpstools is that it has an Ops-Aware inbox that allows you to keep all alerts organized and updated. BigPanda claims that its machine learning component reduces noise by 95% or more by eliminating false positives.

7. Moogsoft

In today’s times, working from anywhere life, users can search and resolve the leading cause of the problem before they reach the clients. It helps entire IT Ops and DevOps teams reduce noise, focus on incidents, reduce escalations and ensure there’s no downtime.

Moongsoft’s AIOps approach is built upon an advanced self-servicing AI-driven observability platform. It is designed to deliver deep and real-time visibility into IT issues.

Moogsoft is one of the domain-agnostic type AIOps tools. It provides noise reduction and causality analytics of the systems under observation. Also, the AIOps tool integrates with external resources to collect critical information.

Moogsoft is also called the manager of managers since a single tool can track most IT managers, so it lessens any work complications that arise. Hence the end-users come into an effortless UX environment.

8. LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is one of the leading SaaS-based performance monitoring and AIOps platforms for IT. LogicMonitor turns on a complete view in minutes, turns the dial from maintenance to innovation, and turns the corner from sight to vision.

Their specialties lie in monitoring such as:

  • Network monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Container monitoring
  • Storage, and database monitoring.

LogicMonitor’s AIOps tool can alert the managers if the cloud loses connection with the on-premise user. This ability is a massive benefit over pure on-premise solutions out there. A catastrophic outage can take the whole system down, and no alerts would get out.

The newly added LM Config feature is essential in backup, storage, and identifying changes to networking devices. In terms of AIOps tools comparison, the ease of restoring these files is considered as one of the best. It allows you to spot the changes and make the appropriate fixes quickly easily.

9. PagerDuty

PagerDuty’s focus is on a single AIOps platform designed to keep digital systems running all the time and in perfect order. PagerDuty is the leader in the AIOps tools, technology, and platform. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 given by more than 500 customers.

It is easy to use and can get deployed in a short amount of time. PagerDuty is straightforward with good documentation, and results were seen almost immediately. Going from no alerting mechanism to one that allows for on-call rotations. It is easy escalations, and many forms of contact can be a game-changer for many IT businesses.

PagerDuty allows monitoring the most critical assets. It has a consistent method to be notified and to track the response to those notifications. In this way, other team members see the status of incidents in real-time.

It also has a large number of integrations with 3rd parties apps and APIs, which makes it easier to get started with the product. PagerDuty AIOps is one of the top tools and implementation tips along with it.

10. BMC

BMC offers many products that map, log and manage the IT infrastructure. It has established partnerships with the most prominent players in networking and cloud space. BMC’s open data access approach uses many data clusters for historical and streaming data.

It is a service and operations IT tool that functions under a SaaS extension and uses a data-agnostic approach.

BMC states that its AIOps tool removes noise by about 90%, little time to identify the root cause by 66%, and slash-event mediations of MTTR by 3/4th.

11. Instana

Instana is a modern APM-type and domain-centric AIOps platform. Instana uses its ML algorithm to discover and monitor clusters and services automatically. It also collects Distributed Traces of all requests flowing through the system.

Instana’s unique feature is the Dynamic Graph. It is the logical graph-based model that is used as the foundation for linear deterministic root cause analysis.

Instana’s automatic APM solution has metric granularity and a clustered trace for user requests. It has adopted the AI approach for problem detection and troubleshooting. It is made to handle the massive dynamic applications that result from modern architectures.

It has a very easy deployment process for cluster instrumentation. Some other features of Instana are continuous upgrades, dashboards, 3rd party extensions, APIs, etc.


Everyone in IT is familiar with DevOps and its new subset, AIOps. We know how remarkable it is to optimize troubleshooting, monitoring, and automation in an organization.

With AIOps, IT teams can resolve any anomalies and governance. While providing automation for manual troubleshooting and pattern recognition in the workflow. That is why many software development projects are adopting AIOps.

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