Learn more about the Impact of AI on Public Relation

impact of AI on Public Relation
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Public Relations along with other communication approaches are using AI and its potential to transform the industry. Moreover, AI can utilize its branches to provide efficient and effective campaigns for Public Relations.

Especially in the pandemic, companies are leveraging PR to turn prospects into customers. Therefore, PR is gradually adapting to newer technologies and is now employing the faculties of AI.

Furthermore, AI has now become a part of our daily lives as it is an umbrella of technologies and machines that perform cognitive tasks. It also affects the lives of consumers every day. 

Moreover, AI offers businesses extraordinary capabilities to increase revenue and reduce costs. As a result, AI has a drastic impact on Public relations and other marketing communications.

AI applications have the ability to provide solutions for businesses across industries. Therefore, according to Mckinsey, AI will create up to $ 2.6 trillion in business value for marketing and sales. 

Hence, in this article, we will know more about the impact of AI in the field of Public Relation. But first, we must learn more about the concept of PR.

More about the Impact of AI on Public Relation and Understanding its Role

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is an approach to build relationships between businesses, their clients, audiences, and a wider public. Moreover, PR agencies work towards building, maintaining, and repairing reputations and the image of brands.

PR is also a primary driver to reach various key industry influencers. Moreover, it ensures that the right brand message influences the right audience to maintain the brand reputation.

Types of Public Relations:

  • Media Relations: Media Relations deal with the approaches in the Media. For example, press releases, scheduling interviews, press conferences, etc. Moreover, it aims to create positive coverage for a brand, company, or product.
  • Community Relations: Community Relations engage with local communities to build relations. Moreover, this approach comprehends how people from various communities think and act in order to know the best way to engage with them. 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR has been one of the best approaches to improve a company’s reputation. Further, with CSR companies put forth different agendas that portray ethics, environmental responsibility, community involvement, and charity works. 
  • Public Affairs: Public Affairs aka lobbying is an approach to build government ties. For businesses, laws, and legislatures can make a huge impact on revenues. It may be direct or indirect. Hence, with Public Affairs, professionals build networks with the government and their agencies. 
  • Crisis Management: Crisis Management is a PR approach useful for when a disaster strikes. It certainly deals with the issues that may hamper the reputation of a business and needs to be resolved swiftly.
  • Employee Relations: Employee Relations is an internal PR. In other words, it refers to the relations businesses build within their organizations. Moreover, it aims to satisfy, motivate, and keep employees loyal to the firm.

AI in Public Relation: Beginning of a Conversation

There are certainly a number of AI solutions available for Public Relation professionals and it is exponentially increasing. Moreover, the field of PR is now accepting newer technologies to create data-driven campaigns, automate tasks, analyze conversations, predict crises, and produce content. 

Further, many Public Relation specialists utilize tech services to conduct monitoring, website analytics, social media management, and social listening that use AI. 

Although there is a significant misunderstanding about the actual state of AI advancements within the PR industry, this trend is cautiously changing. For instance, in 2018 the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) identified the #AIinPR panel to comprehend the impact of AI on PublicRelations. 

Consequently, in 2019 the ICCO Global Summit allotted two sessions to explore the PR tech landscape. It also discussed how people must prepare for the age of AI and Automation. 

Above all, the PRSA LA chapter presented a panel “AI, Tech and the Future of Public Relations”. Here, professionals addressed the current state of technology in PR. It also spoke about the myth that AI will replace PR practitioners and the significance of tech companies relying on PR experts in the future. 

AI marketing expert Christopher Penn states that AI brings three main benefits of Public Relation experts are automation, acceleration, and accuracy. Moreover, these are precise metrics to calculate the scope of reach, sentiment, and engagement rates. 

According to the article, ‘How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect PR?’, “Although artificial intelligence offers benefits to PR, with the potential of removing some of the more timely processes, creative thinking and messaging are aspects that would fundamentally need human input.”

How Companies can apply AI in Public Relation and its benefits?

Public Relation firms can certainly benefit by using AI. Especially, when it comes to analyzing volumes of information.

Moreover, PR firms need to comprehend and follow the latest trends and news. However, this can be a monotonous task for employees with a high volume and variety of information. It may also lead to them missing information or spiral on irrelevant materials.

Therefore, AI helps Public Relation firms with an in-depth search through all of the volumes and varieties of information. It also helps firms assess digital platforms swiftly and identify the relevant content. Further, AI uses specific keywords and phrases that hold significance to their clients and business.

Furthermore, AI can monitor media coverage of competitive products and clients’ competitors. This also ensures that their clients portray their brand as advertised and procure a fair share of the media coverage. Moreover, AI bots track media impressions of a Public Relation firm’s clients and their competitors.

AI also benefits Public Relation enormously by determining relevant information on the basis of audience interactions. Simultaneously, new uses are being discovered and developed as the technology continues to grow. 

One of the biggest fears with automation is the use of Artificial Intelligence in any company or industry is people may lose their jobs. Although, in the Public Relation industry, this is not the case with AI. PR still requires “human touch” and face-to-face client interactions, networking, and providing insights.

Moreover, AI is a tool and solution that the PR industry is embracing. It also provides efficiency in collecting data to help employees focus on client strategies and creative aspects of the industry.

Top Ways AI will Impact Public Relations

AI will help with Repetitive Tasks of Public Relation Businesses

PR agencies often spend time and effort on tasks like research, creating reports, and other repetitive tasks. These tasks can also require a significant amount of human resources and time. Hence, with AI solutions the tasks are resolved by aligning software that collects specific data, contact information, and other measurable metrics. 

Therefore, tasks like creating media lists, publicizing news releases, and media monitoring are easily accomplished. As a result, it provides more efficiency and high accuracy while performing tasks.

Data Management becomes simpler with AI in Public Relation

Data is an important aspect of Public Relation. Moreover, AI systems are trained to analyze, organize, and assess large data sets. 

AI systems also help develop new campaigns on the basis of real-world data. Further, AI enables PR practitioners to identify various elements that lead to the success of the campaigns. As a result, AI helps create campaigns that align well with the interests and agendas of the target audience.

AI Leading to Efficiency for PR Professionals

It is vital for professionals to complete mundane and non-organic tasks. Moreover, PR professionals need to work on building relations with the clientele as well. It is also pivotal for them to network and socializes with media partners, clientele, and other acquaintances.

Hence, AI technology enables PR teams to divert their energy towards creative and innovative techniques. Therefore, AI systems boost efficiency and improve the speed of work.

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