Cyber Resilience vs. Cybersecurity: Are They Really Different?

Take a 360 degree view to understand the security requirements of a business. Are they really different?

    Cyber Resilience vs Cybersecurity
    Published By - Kelsey Taylor

    Organizations need to accept that attacks and data breaches are inevitable. Cyber-criminals can use people, systems, and application weaknesses to infiltrate infrastructure and gain your confidential information either in the form of phishing, malware, or insider threats. 

    These businesses suffering from cybersecurity fails do not just face the loss of confidential data. It negatively affects their market value, triggers reputational loss, and compromises competitiveness.

    Cyber Resilience vs. Cybersecurity

    To truly shield your business from any losses, take a 360-degree view of your security.  

    For that, you need to have a basic understanding of the difference between cyber Resilience and cybersecurity. That will also provide you with insights on the ‘before and after’ concerns and actions necessary.

    Cyber Resilience

    Cyber Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly and as much as possible from induced disruptions. It focuses on creating robust business continuity and delivery planning. It grants the organizations the ability to predict, endure, and survive successfully in a cyber-attack.

    Every once in a while, we hear about some new kind of system threats and viruses. No business must rely on just preventive security planning. Increased adaptability and fast recovery is a business-critical process.

    Quickly getting back in good shape becomes more manageable with proper Resilience. It is a quick discovery and response strategy for when an IT security breach does occur. Minimizing the impact of a breach without compromising the service quality becomes the main focus of the organization.

    Mitigating the damage with proper information and data risk treatments becomes simpler. It furthermore calculates future vulnerabilities. Cyber Resilience helps provide a comprehensive impact report on the aftermath to clearly understand the repercussions and build up a new defense system.


    Cybersecurity refers to the overall protection of the infrastructure and data of the organization. Cybersecurity is a set of technologies and processes to safeguard your environment on- and off-premises.

    Cybercriminals instigate a breach by exploiting weaknesses and blind spots in the organization. An organization needs to secure the interconnected systems, network, and application by employing proper antivirus, encryptions, and firewall programs. Cybersecurity means ensuring that everything is appropriately integrated and enabled in the system. The programs need to be up to date and properly functioning.

    Cybersecurity consolidates the security configuration from cyber vulnerabilities to protect employees, clients, and business’s sensitive information or data. Protection and prevention of any unauthorized access or usage while following proper regulatory and compliance aspects is the primary purpose of cybersecurity.


    Cyber Resilience and Cybersecurity are deeply connected. Cyber Resilience is often considered a part of cybersecurity. In any form, they complete each other to establish a more holistic security approach. Businesses gain end-to-end protection from cyber threats and damages. 

    Data and infrastructural security need to be the top concern of every organization, big or small. Bringing in modern technologies and services is necessary and have many perks, but they also might create new security blind spots.

    An active and continuous protection system is a must for both old and new structures, tools, and techniques. That is also why investing your resources in cybersecurity, and cyber Resilience can never go wrong in any condition.

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