Top 8 Zero Trust Vendors

Top 10 Zero Trust Vendors available right now include Akamai, Cloudflare, Palo Alto Networks, and Symantec. These Zero Trust security solutions follows holistic security approach and assumes every environment as hostile.

    Zero Trust Vendors
    Published By - Kelsey Taylor

    As the name suggests, Zero Trust is a strict security model in which no device, software, or individual is presumed trustworthy.

    The zero trust security solutions practice a no trust distinction between the external and internal networks. It is a holistic approach that assumes the environment as hostile and tests every user and system trying to get access.

    The zero trust software can limit access if someone is already within the network perimeter.

    The focus is to secure sensitive data by achieving the least privileged access and limited data management owners. Through advanced security analytics, it helps detect cyber threats from any sources.

    Here we have listed out the Top 8 Zero Trust Vendors


    Akamai is a popular Zero trust vendor with dynamic and transparent policies. Akamai has an excellent cloud-based zero trust model.

    Akamai provides you with SSO with multi-factor authentication, DDoS Protection for a smooth workflow and secure data processing.

    Its features also include:

    • Identity-based security
    • Advanced threat protection
    • Inline data inspection


    Cisco offers a comprehensive zero trust solution to secure your data and its access in any environment.

    Forrester identifies Cisco as a Zero Trust market leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q3 2020” report.

    Cisco Zero Trust offers:

    • Policy-based controls
    • Get detailed logs, reports, and alerts
    • Gain visibility into any form of access across your entire environment


    Cloudflare’s zero trust is a part of the Cloudflare for Teams and called Cloudflare Access. Free for up to 50 users, this Zero trust solution steady login experience to every user, device, and application.

    Cloudflare access features include:

    • Easier remote access from any location.
    • Micro-segmentation utilization.
    • Higher integration with open source software and social identity providers.

    Pricing –

    Teams Free – $0/user

    Teams Standard – $7/user

    Teams Enterprise – Custom


    Illumio delivers a holistic end-to-end zero trust micro-segmentation to eliminate any types of threats, from inside or the outside. It enables data isolation, encryption, and control for sensitive data security.

    Illumino features include:

    • Microperimeters security.
    • Data-in-transit protection.
    • Providing end-to-end security to data.

    Pricing –

    Illumio Core – 30 days of free trial available.

    Illumio Edge – Contact the sales team for the pricing details of this plan. 

    Palo Alto Networks

    Palo Alto Networks is an excellent IT security provider with advanced technology and robust cybersecurity services.

    Palo Alto’s zero trust solution protects endpoints with its multiple layers of security. It also helps in enforcing reliable policies across networks. It also offers:

    • Advanced integration.
    • Granular visibility
    • Multi-factor authentication


    Symantec/Broadcom offers an integrated cyber defense platform to achieve zero trust. Symantec’s zero trust technologies include encrypted traffic management and user behavior analytics.

    Symantec’s Zero Trust solution works on delivering secure remote workforce access and effectively reducing VPN load.

    It also features:

    • Web application firewall
    • Control and authentication toolkit
    • Security analytics


    Okta’s zero trust is one of the most popular security solutions. It is an easy to implement security solution. It helps users to secure and limit any kind of data access.

    Okta’s zero trust approach makes sure that the right resources are being delivered to the right user.

    Okta’s zero trust offers:

    • Access management,
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • Single sign-on (SSO). 


    Forcepoint delivers a compact zero trust security solution, enabling safe remote working. It provides network protection and micro-segmentation and can also decrypt traffic for full visibility and threat inspection.

    Its Zero Trust network access makes sure to eliminate any complexities and risks of VPNs while giving remote workers access to the said applications. It also offers:

    • Next-Generation firewall
    • Continuous monitoring
    • Data loss prevention solution


    “Never trust, always verify” is the fundamental principle of the Zero Trust model.

    That is why, every business needs to focus on this solution, now even more than ever before.

    It removes and limits the automatic access system for any source. The Zero Trust approach makes remote access, cloud, hybrid environments, IoT, and other services even more dependable and trustworthy.

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