In-depth Analysis of Breach: Everything you need to know

A data breach refers to an incident that includes the illegal viewing or unauthorized access of data by an application or individual.

    In-depth Analysis of Breach: Everything you need to know | HiTechNectar
    Published By - Kelsey Taylor

    A data breach refers to an incident that includes the illegal viewing or unauthorized access of data by an application or individual.

    It is specifically made to steal and publish data to an unsecured location. Data breaches are now more malicious & cunning than ever before.

    Various threats are programmed to remain unnoticed for as far as possible until unleashed at a convenient time chosen to cause maximum damage.

    How do you know you have been Breached?

    Deciding whether or not your organization has been breached in one of the roughest and keystroke tasks in the IT world.

    Hackers are skilled at finding vulnerabilities and covering their tracks without raising any suspicions. The best defense is a good offense when it comes to a data breach.

    Below mentioned are some points to tell if your business has been breached:

    • You find your company’s confidential data online
    • You get more than one login attempts from a remote or an unsecured location
    • You come across unauthorized downloads on your network
    • You find your logs have been interfered or have been attempted to interfere, possibly to cover up the tracks of a breach
    • You are experiencing a DDoS attack which is sidetracking your security team

    You can be alarmed when data is downloaded from your network but only if you have appropriate security software in place. Security logs would show a record of suspicious activity.

    You’ve Been Breached — what are your next steps?

    It’s happened: You’ve received a notification or warning of a breach — either from law enforcement internal staff or an external tipster.

    Adversaries have broken through your shields into your company’s environment.

    All businesses should proactively seek to enhance their corporate information security procedures while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.

    What are your next steps? For security staff and front-line IT, there are two significant sets of actions to take just after an attack which are short-term and long-term.

    In the short term, steps must be taken instantaneously to stop the bleeding of critical data assets and should preserve forensic evidence which will be useful during the remediation and investigation process.

    Once you make it through a breach, your organization will have to take long-term actions to reduce the risk of another breach.


    Any company with critical data can be attacked, irrespective of size or industry sector & as the threat landscape evolves & contenders deploy tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), including disastrous malware, targeted phishing and ransomware.

    Stakeholders and Security professionals must also adapt their security plans. Depending on the condition, a targeted attack may include the theft of source code, negotiation data, or valuable intellectual property. Organizations need to be prepared to respond, mitigate, and identify a targeted attack.

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