Google’s new launch- “Flutter 1.0” | What does “Stable Cross-Platform” mean to you?

Google finally unveiled a stable version of their cross-platform mobile app SDK - Flutter 1.0, Google’s UI toolkit on 4th Dec at the Flutter Live...

Flutter 1.0 : Google's New Launch | HiTechNectar
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Cross-platform (CP) application development is in the limelight lately, and more so as Google announces Flutter 1.0. Many enterprises are now considering CP for developing any new product.

Google finally unveiled a stable version of their cross-platform mobile app development – Flutter 1.0, Google’s UI toolkit, on 4th December 2018 at the Live event in London.

Cross-Platform SDK

Cross-platform development involves the use of a single codebase for creating software applications that can be deployed on multiple platforms. This is particularly put to use when companies wish to sell the same product for more than one software environment such as Windows, Android and iOS.

Various advantages of using these SDKs are:

  1. Reusable code
  2. Convenience
  3. Maintainable code
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Market Reach

Flutter 1.0

CP SDKs are particularly important as developing CP apps can be a total mess of non-native code. This is why Google has set out to create a CP SDK which can integrate smoothly with the editor of your choice.

The recent release comes with a variety of new features such as hot reload, integrated tooling, reactive framework design and a considerable selection of widgets. It helps build native apps which are written in Dart language. Dart is relatively easy to learn and adds more versatility to the platform. It lets you use the same codebase to create iOS and Android apps.

Announcements from the 2018 Live Event

  1. Flutter 1.0
    Tim Sneath, Group Product Manager for Flutter and Dart, announced the release of its first stable cross-platform mobile app development SDK.
  2. Flare integration
    Integration of Flare helps developers make and import 2D vector designs and animations right into Flutter itself. This brings the Designers and developers to the same platform.
  3. Dart 2.1
    Although Dart was announced before the Live Event, Dart 2.1 launches with Flutter 1.0. Dart 2.1 has various improvements regarding speed and usability.
  4. In-app payments from Square
    One of the biggest payment solutions company in the US, Square has been integrated into Flutter. This integration comes with two plugins, In-app purchase SDK and Reader SDK.
  5. CodeMagic integration
    CodeMagic makes CI/CD easy for all apps. With Flutter’s partnership with CodeMagic, developers can now develop mobile applications, create their build and publish it right from the build system.
  6. For the Web and beyond
    Google has announced that Flutter will be extending from mobile to web through Hummingbird. Hummingbird is Google’s latest project which takes Dart code and compiles it into JavaScript which can then be run on a browser.


With all the features packed in a single package, Flutter 1.0 promises to make cross-platform app development relatively easier than it was before. But all in all, it sure is something worth keeping an eye out for.

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